Monday, March 3, 2014

You Better RUN, RUN, RUN, RUN, RUN

Nope, not shoo-ing any devils here. Come on, I'm pretty sure now whenever someone hears the word "Run" they think of RUNNING MAN. Oh, maybe that's just me.

When "Run" is said out loud five times,
these dark angels are rumored to appear.

Anyways, I remember back when this show started I was all like, "pffffttt, whatevs. Gonna be a flop. So gonna end soon anyway, why bother watching it."

Boy, was I wrong.

Jackie Chan does not simply appear on flop shows.
And I sure am glad I was. Because now I'm an RM Maniac *cackles madly* Of all the variety shows from S.Korea, this one has definitely made its marks. The shops that sell Korean albums and merchandise here somehow have these show's cast's merchandise nestled amongst the many idol stuffs.

It's not odd to see drama merchandise but a variety show merchandise? Wow. Running Man's the first I've ever seenXD (Then again, I'm not the most observant person on earth). I mean, there are nametags (it's not RM without those nametags), keychains, T-shirts, etc. 

I swear I wanna buy all seven nametags (sadly Song Joongki's nametag's not included since the RM boom in most countries happened after his departure:<) One day, if I ever get to see the cast in person, I will stick all nametags on me and proceed to prompt them to tear their nametag off of my shirt (of course they have to be on my shirt, where else would I stick them?O.o).

And yes, I will have to purchase all seven since I can't choose a bias:< This is like SNSD and Exo all over again. I could never buy individual merchandise (like just Tiffany or just Kai) because I love all 9 / 12 of them. It's the same with RM. I mean, how do you even choose?
Plus, that's just causing
unnecessary stress unto yourself.
We have the Nation MC Yoomes Bond @ Grasshopper, Sparta Kook @ Tiger, Ace Jihyo @ Mong (Blank) Ji, Peaceful Gary @ MongJi's Monday-only boyfriend, Big Nose Sukjin Hyung @ Impala, Kookie's "nae dongsaeng" HaHa @ Haroro and the giant maknae (dude's 190cm me by 32cm, yes I'm a proud danshin xD) Asia Prince Kwangsoo @ Girin (giraffe). 

Running Man is a fun-packed variety show that makes me Laugh Out Loud like crazy, no show had had such an effect on me since Family Outing 1. Sure, there are some formats of this show that irk me (like getting rid of someone just by finding a ball with their name on it...I mean, come on) but overall the show never fails to bring me laughter. I just realize my favorite is whenever the cast have to do a game on acupressure mats XD 

Their reactions get me The way they howl in pain, oh that's gold - minus Sparta of course, who I'm pretty sure can walk on coals like it ain't no thang.

I like to categorize the cast into two separate groups: 1) Betrayers' / Traitors' Club and 2) The A-TeamNow let me break it down - the reasons why I find each group so endearing


I'll break it down in the next post, teehee~


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