Sunday, March 9, 2014

Imagine: Celebrating Your Birthday With Exo-K

Imagine you're a girl - just a normal girl - with six crazy best friends. And they're all dudes. Your birthday would definitely be something memorable as the guys try their best to get you the best present ever (and of course they'll try to outdo each other's gift). So today, imagine it's your birthday, imagine you're a girl celebrating her birthday with her six best friends - and imagine those best friends are Exo-K.

[Note: I tried making it all 12 of the Exo boys but it's so hard to do._. In the end, had to revert back to six and six - yes, there's an Exo-M version coming up - and finally I managed to write a decent piece. Now enjoy this like a slice of your best birthday cake ever~]


Exo-K: Happy birthday!!!!
You: Let me guess, if it weren't for Suho's or D.O.'s reminders you would've forgotten all about it.
Chanyeol: Pffttt, we've been best friends for ages now, how could you think we would forget your birthday? We know everyone's birthday by heart!
You: Really? When's Suho's?
Chanyeol: *grins*

Suho: D.O., erase Chanyeol's birthday from the calendar reminder.
You: *giggles* Alright, show me what you got me!
Baekhyun: Ooh, me first! Me first!

You: *OTL*
D.O.: If you don't want it, I'll keep it for you.
You: It's okay D.O. sweetie~ Baekhyun ah~ Thank you for the gift~ As annoying as you are I will still cherish this gift forever!
Baekhyun: *smug smile*
Suho: Open mine next.

You: Did you get me a credit card? *wiggles eyebrows*
Suho: Keep wishing.
You: Hmph. *opens box* Ooh, these earrings are beautiful!!!!
D.O.: Are those diamonds?
Sehun: Are those real diamonds?

Chanyeol: Uri chaebol strikes again.
Baekhyun: Well...thanks for making me look like a cheapskate now.
D.O.: Don't worry, we haven't seen Sehun's and Kai's gifts yet.

Sehun: Yehet.
You: Thanks Suho, now help me put these on. Ooh, I look gorgeous!
Baekhyun: Your narcissism is as out-of-the-galaxy as Kris's.

Sehun: I'm texting him that *pulls out phone*.
You: Okay, Chanyeol, where's my gift?
Chanyeol: ...
You: Park. Chan. Yeol?
Chanyeol: *impish grin* 

You: ಠ_ಠ You didn't buy me a gift, did you?
Chanyeol: Uh, I was shopping for one. Then I saw something else and spent my money on that instead. I'm so sorry, my lovely chingu >.<
You: You bought something for Kai again, didn't you?
Chanyeol: *impish grin*
You: Kai, wake up! Your boyfriend has a gift for you.
Chanyeol: Kai ah~
Kai: *groggily* What? What's happening? Is it my turn yet?

Sehun: No, you have a gift from your Channie~
You: Stingy maknaes, what'd you get me?
Chanyeol: Wait, you haven't seen my gift.
You: Why would I wanna see what you got Kai? I know it must be that Michael Jackson mug we saw the other day.
Chanyeol: Correct! Now this one's for you *takes out a glass jar filled with colorful paper cranes*
You: folded these paper cranes...for me?
Chanyeol: Yes, all 365 of them! At the last minute I almost gave up and started hunting for a different gift. But after spending all my money on that mug, I realized this is meant to be your gift after all.
Suho: Why 365?

Chanyeol: So she'll have something to read every day until her next birthday~
You: Wait, there are messages inside these things?...
Chanyeol: Yes, why, don't you like them? Wait, no, don't cry! Somebody, grab that box of Kleenex!
D.O.: *gets up, grabs tissues, calmly wipes tears off of your face*
You: Chanyeol, I hate you so much right now...
Chanyeol: Aw, I love you too~
Baekhyun: Good luck trying to top that, bitches! This is why I gave mine first~ Bad gifts will look worse after all these diamonds and tears.
D.O.: Yours will still come out the worst, here's mine.

You: I love it!
Kai: That's just a menu.
You: I know. A menu of home-cooked meals for the whole week. I was joking about it to D.O. but he listened to me well and made my wish come true~
Baekhyun: For home-cooked meals? We get that every time he or Chanyeol cooks!
You: These are meals of my choice. Oh, shuddup, it's my birthday gift *merong*.

Kai: Well, that was mature.
You: I love the gift, thanks D.O. ya~ Well, Kai?
Kai: *reaches into pocket* 
You: If you're giving me another set of coupons for fried chickens, I swear I'm gonna erase you from my life forever.
Kai: *pulls empty hand out of pocket* Sehun, you go first.
Sehun: Okay. I'm taking you to Namsan Tower tonight.
Kai: Isn't that for couples?
Sehun: Well, you refuse to go with me, might as well take this chimp.
You: So I'm your second choice. Great.
Sehun: Also, here's some bubble tea.

Chanyeol: Admit it! You just thought up of Namsan Tower on the spot, your gift was originally just that bubble tea!
Sehun: ...

You: *smirks* Okay, I still like your gifts, thank you Sehunnie~
Suho: Your turn now, Kai. Last but not least.
BaekYeol: Pretty sure it is gonna be "least".
Kai: ...
You: *rolls eyes* I wouldn't mind the coupons.
Kai: No, this is my gift *takes off bracelet*.
You: Wait, that's your favorite bracelet.
Kai: Which is why I'm giving it to my favorite person.
Chanyeol: Me? *impish grin*
BaekHun: You wish.
You: Since when was I your favorite person?
Kai: Take it or leave it.
You: *rolls eyes* *takes bracelet* Thank you~~ The coupons too?
Kai: *smirks* *hands over coupons*

Sehun: Ohorat~
Baekhyun: ...
You: Baekkie?
Baekhyun: Dammit, I didn't expect the cheapskates would be giving thoughtful gifts this year.
Everybody: Kkaebsong~


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