Friday, March 21, 2014

Exo Birthday Project: Xiumin the Hot Fluffy Baozi (Part II)

So I sorta mentioned that Xiumin actually dances and sings well but he doesn't (get to) show them off often. To back up my statement here, I will now show proofs that this Baozi is an amazing ass-shaker dancer (I'll get to his vocals another time).

Here we see him in his pre-debut practice, along with fabulous unicorn Lay and their great seonsaengnim Greg S. Hwang.

Here he is in an after debut dance practice along with his fellow Exo-M members, during their MAMA era. (I miss the time when I used to blast MAMA and History non-stop until my squishy roommate got annoyed with me...I wish I could annoy her again with Wolf and Growl but alas, we no longer live together. No, it's not because I listen to K-Pop too much - oh, wait..)

Him onstage with Lulu and Laylay~

We don't get to see him much in there, so here's a Xiumin-focused fancam. Lastly, here's a video to show off his girl-group dance skills that will make Key omma proud. By the way, featuring a very greasy grandpa dance machine Suho (I say, stick to golf, Joonmyun).

I wish there were more videos but these were all I could find. Well, there were some more but basically the same things. My favorite has got to be that pre-debut dance practice because we get to see Xiumin's clean moves. SM, y u no let Xiumin dance with Kai, Lay, Sehun and Luhan too? ;_; Let them play together happily~ Well, okay, that's all the post for today. Here's a bonus video of Minseok showing his dongsaengs how to sex dance their way into a woman's heart. JK! But not really. Here.


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