Thursday, March 27, 2014

F.Cuz: One Love [MV Rant...sort of]

So...this was cute.

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F.Cuz, I remember laughing so hard the first time I heard their name, mainly because my friend said it with an accent so it came out sounding a little...wrong. Moving pass the name, I took a listen to their songs. I was okay with Jiggy and No One but I really only started liking them during their Midnight Sun era.

Then my bias, LeeU, left. I stopped following them - this is also because their songs circa 2011-2013 started sounding different and weren't my style I felt. Then today, I saw their video on YouTube and decided, hey, why the heck not, let's just take a listen to how they sound now.

I like it *jiggy dance*.

The song is so cute and fresh, I love listening to this kind of songs over and over again, especially the chorus part And holey holes, I didn't even know Jinon could sing like that I'm loving his voice. Kan, who to me looks like a mix of Kiseop and Jaejoong, is looking fine as usual and his voice sounds good as usual too. Yejun, who every time I look at reminds me of SS501 Jungmin, is okay too in this MV though his hair is a

Now the remaining two members I'm not really familiar with since I didn't watch any of their post-LeeU stuffs. It's only today that I am finally moved to research their names. Mainly because I am loving the main vocal's voice. He also doesn't look that bad (his lips are really cute!), eheh. Turns out his name is Daegun and the other vocalist is Raehyun.

In some angles, I can't unsee Chen in Daegun's face...
mostly because of those cute curved-up lips me thinks :3
If you're new to the group and don't know the members, take a look at the first picture way above, from left to right, they are: Raehyun (red shirt with stripes), Daegun (blue blazer), Kan (yellow coat), Yejun (weird hair) and Jinon (blue pants).

So I love how the MV is kept very simple and clean. I like the contrast between the gray background and their colorful clothes. It reminds me more of a PV than an MV but somehow it suits this song. I've only watched it fully once so I haven't comprehended the meaning behind those spinning Rubik's Cube, maybe they represent souls since at the end the cubes sort of join together to form a sort-of human (there's a cute red heart beating there)?

Like I said, the song is really cute, I mean both the sound of and the lyrics to it. I just wish they would stop with the Engrish... I know my English isn't even all that great to be criticizing someone else's but listening to someone speak in Engrish always makes me cringe with second hand embarrassment OTL No matter how cute they are. Actually, them being super cute makes it even worseXD

Well, anyway I just wanted to post this since I think now I'm back on the F.Cuz wagon again;D Now excuse me while I go fangirl over Daegun them.


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