Friday, March 14, 2014

I Got 2NE1 Big Brothers~ [Inkigayo Rant]

A little late but I finally got 'round to watching 2NE1's comeback stage on 140308 SBS Inkigayo. Now, the only songs I really really like on their new album are Come Back Home and Cl's solo 멘붕. I like the others too but not like the way I like like these two. I know everyone was going crazy over Crush but to me the song didn't stick - at first.

You get what I'm saying?
Oh well~
Then I saw the live stage. Mind-BLOWN. Admitedly, I wasn't feeling the song when first heard it 'cuz it wasn't something new (to me). I was expecting 2NE1 to bring something fresh to the table. I mean, while keeping their original flavor you know (that's why I love Come Back Home, I thought it had that feel - they retained their style but added in a touch of new elements in it). After watching the live stage, I am now officially in love with Crush. Yeah!

And that imp right behind Dara
has a CRUSH on her.
For me, when I'm not feeling a song, my feels usually get swayed once I watch the MV - failing that, the live stage (the way how I finally got hooked on SNSD's Mr. Mr. chorus, it finally worked for me after watching the choreography to it xD). Since Crush didn't have an MV, it was a good thing then that there was this.

I think what amazed me most was Bom's energy onstage. I seldom see her like this, looking all kinds of FIERCE as she strutted down dem steps and took center stage. I don't know, usually when I see her she's quite passive. Then again most of the songs she sings doesn't really require her moving around much (and I still think she dances funny, sorry Bom unnie ah~~ XD), also I tend to keep my eyes on either CL or Dara so I might have missed her fierce moments, so again sorry Bom unnie~~ I still lub you *hearteu*

When they started chanting Nolza hey hey hey Nolza, I almost shouted along. Almost. But couldn't, because my housemates might think I'd gone mad. If I ever get to go to their concert one day, I hope I'll hear this song live, I seriously wanna chant Nolza Nolza too. Like, seriously.

After Crush, they performed Come Back Home. I of course already love this song. Come baby baby come come baby~ Dara, I can imagine your fanboys all simultaneously screaming "I'm coming to you Dara baby!!!" every time they hear you sing this lineXD Minzy was cool as always~ I love how badass CL looked in this one, not bad meaning bad but bad meaning good, you know. There's a reason why this kid's a leader. Nolza!


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