Sunday, March 16, 2014

Belated Birthday Project: KaiSoo (Part I)

So, my Baozi's birthday is only ten days away. Starting from Thursday, I'll be doing this One Week Countdown Project for uri Xiuminnie~ What is it? Well, you'll find out on Thursday, I'm not talking about it now.

Now I wanna talk about D.O. and Kai, I missed out on doing this project for them since I haven't started my blog back in January. You know my reason. So, for these three days, I will be making a post every day just about them (sorry KaiSoo, you'll have to share - but I don't think you'll mine, amma rite?). Anyway, let's start it off with the first post. Yes, this one. And it is about - 

But first, let's get to know a bit more about D.O. and Kai.

Real Name: Do Kyung Soo
Stage Name: His surname Do spelled separately in English. D.O. (I find this a very fitting name, since it very closely resembles O.O <---yes, those are his eyes, what else?)
Birthday: 12 January, 1993
Boyfriend: Kai
Secret Lover: Baekhyun
Specialties: Cooking. Looking alarmed. Forgetting his words whenever he gets nervous. Being a good daughter (Suho omma is proud).

Real Name: Kim Jong In
Stage Name: Kai (because he loves chicken)
Birthday: 1 year and 2 days after D.O.'s
Boyfriend: D.O.
Not-So-Secret Lovers: Chanyeol, Sehun
Specialties: Eating. Sleeping. Eating D.O.'s cooking. Waking D.O. up any time he pleases to ask his namchin to make him food. Eat whatever food D.O. has packed in his (D.O.'s) bag.

- FOOD. Today's post is about food.

Imagine if Ria Lee the talk show host were to interview them:
Ria: So when I say food, what's the first word that comes to your mind?
D.O.: Cooking.
Kai: Chicken.

And yeah, no, I'm not making this a fake interview because I'm pretty sure the Exo guys have had enough of interviews for now. So, yes, D.O. loves cooking and Kai loves chicken

First, D.O. Kid's a cooking master. I can just imagine him making that Kimchi Spaghetti for Kai on his birthday and the chicken-lover just devouring it happily despite it not having any fried chicken thrown in there, because Kai loves D.O.'s cooking. He will openly criticize his hyung too if he feels like D.O. has fallen short of his expectation - in preparing the most delicious meal for him (he's one pampered prince).

Kai. This kid can apparently eat a lot. Which is why D.O. has taken to carrying bagful of food around just to keep the chicken-lover well-fed. Kai also loves chicken to the point that he calls for delivery as soon as he wakes up every morning. Well, I guess he could afford to eat that fried stuff daily. It's not like the fats have time to sit in his body, kid practically sweats it all out every minute he spends dancing, every day.

That's it for this first post for KaiSoo's belated Birthday Project. Now, I'm gonna go cook some ramyeon because all this chicken talk has made me hungry. Why must Kyochon be so far from me...


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