Saturday, March 29, 2014

MBLAQ Be My Man! [MV Rant]


I haven't felt this in love with MBLAQ since, like, well...forever. Lawlz, sorry but my favorite song of theirs is Oh Yeah and the songs they released after that just doesn't sound so good anymore. I mean, to me, they're not my style you know. I kinda like This Is War but mostly because I think the "Jeonjaengiya!" part is so cool and I can't get it out of my head.

Their comeback this time is just so smooooooth. I love, love, love their sound. I wasn't hoping for much when I took a listen but as soon as Lee Joon (my babeh, eheh) started singing, I was all in! I've forgotten how much I love this guy's voice. Yes, I love him for his voice and uhm, voice, yeah. Well, there's also his cute smile

So the MV, I love its simplicity. I love the lighting, the way the light flits over the members' faces or hide them in the shadows, gives them such a sexy and mysterious feel. I love how everyone looks so good. Well, other than Mir. I'm sorry baby, you're cute but not with those hair and glasses *throws hearteu*. They look so suave and the lady looks elegant too. I like Cheondung with some meat on his bones, he looks manly and healthy and damn, Seungho, he kills me with that face, his hair is just perfect for him.

I just find myself wishing G.O has his facial hair again, sorta like during the Oh Yeah era, because he looks like such a mofo with itXD I just like him looking that manly. Though most of my friends prefer him clean-shaved. I usually prefer shaved guys too but there are some that just look heaps hotter with a little shadow, you know ;)

And the dance, damn the dance! Slow, simple but nails it. Five hot men dancing such sensual moves, Lord help my ovaries. Those shoulder rolls with their hands in their pockets? Yummy. The MV might look too simple what's with it being the usual -in-a-box style but I still love it, like I said, it's simple - a good kind of simple. Smooth simplicity. All in all, this is definitely one MV from MBLAQ I will watch over and over again.

I'l talk about their songs in another post, ciao~


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