Friday, March 14, 2014

Andwaeyo~ How Embarrassing Are Exo's Baby Pics? [EDITED]

How adorable is this? I swear that shoulder shimmy at 0:11 hits me right in the feels. My warm, fuzzy feels. This kid's squishiness is beyond the safe level of squishiness permitted to any person. Click on the video to see what I'm talking about. And if you say you were able to finish watching this without overdosing on that adorableness or at least emitting an "Aw..." even once, you're heartless - heartless.

Now I feel the need to spam my posts with this Gif (which I instantly made the moment I finished watching the video - for like the hundredth time) from here on out. Every post I shall pepper with this until every one has caught the fuzzy-feels virus I'm obviously suffering from right now.

Ye Bin approves.
Okay, how exactly does my rambling here relate to K-Pop? You may wonder. Am I even gonna talk about K-Pop or just continue gushing over this girl's cuteness overload? Why, don't worry you, of course it'll lead to K-Pop! Everything in my brain leads to K-Pop. See, this kid's Korean (all those Andwaeyo's sure were a giveaway, huh?). First thing I noticed were her big, big eyes. And since I see Exo everywhere, I instantly thought of D.O. mixed with Xiumin. Leaning more toward Xiumin the pretty-eyed Baozi. So naturally the next station for my train of thoughts was "hey, Exo baby pics!"

I would love to make it all idols' baby pics but even doing only Exo's will make this post quite long, I'll have to break it into different posts. For now, it's Exo Showtime! (I miss this show OTL) Exo's Baby Pics Time!

I'll go by age, since there's no way I can rank them by cuteness. All too freaking a-do-ra-ble. First up, Xiumin 

Can't find younger pic than this, but just how adorable is this Baozi?>.< Next up, the dear deer, Luhan 

Look at those eyes~ And cute lips. Now here comes bitchface Kris ♥ 

Kid's working his frown! Apparently kiddie Kris was allergic to cameras. Then we have Suho 

Oh, I can't stop laughing at this pic. It's like li'l Joon-myun already knew what was in store for him in the future - eleven uncontrollable 바보's who'll refuse to listen to his every word. Next we have child star Lay 

That hair doe! But I have to use this one, it's totally legit since his mom posted it on Weibo herself on XingXing's birthday xD That dimple~ And I find that kiss so adorbs I had to include it here. Okay, next, Baekhyun 

Baekkie, oh Baekkie~ The abundance of his baby pics online makes it hard for me to choose just one pic to use, especially since all of them are freaking ADORABLE. In the end I combine my top two faves together (even narrowing it to this took me ages). Byun omma and appa, can I just take this moment to thank you for making such a cute kid and then sticking him in cute costumes that made him 200% even cuter? Next is, Chen 

I love how in that grad pic he looks exactly the same like he is now minus his after-puberty cheekbones. Cutie xD Now, Chanyeol 

This kid too has quite a few baby pics like Baekkie but I'm picking this one because look, just look, Chanyeol was born high as a kite! In this pic he was already expressing his joy of being born as  a happy virus. I just wanna punch pinch him. Up next, child ullzang, D.O. 

Look at that first pose, kiddie kyungsoo was working it. That middle pic, showing off his cute smile. Lastly, showing off charisma even at this young age. Now, we have Tao 

Minus his sand dunes. Kiddie Panda is so cute~ That smile hihi. And now Kai 

This kid too has a lot (though mostly blurry) like BaekYeol but I have to go with this one 'cuz kid's posing LIKE A BAUS here. Even his facial expression is all "oh, you know I'm the boss". Okay, last but not least, maknae Sehun 

He has a few too to choose from but I pick this one 'cuz DAT SMILE. It's the pic that made all his hyungs burst out laughing with one look at it. How can one not love this? Aw.. Damn, Exo members' future wives sure are gonna be lucky, you know them mini Exos would look just as adorable as their appas. Oh, to answer this post's title (How Embarrassing Are Exo's Baby Pics? - in case you're a goldfish), not so much, probably only Suho's xD

[Whoops, turns out I was laughing at IU's pic instead of Suho's. 죄송합니다!! OTL]


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