Saturday, March 15, 2014

How I Met Your Father: Exo Edition (Part IV)

I was out walking my dogs one day when I noticed a Missing Dog poster. I stopped short. On it was a picture of one of my own dogs.

Fluffy yelped at it as though in recognition. Sure, the chocolatey puff of a cloud in that picture might just be another dog of the same breed - toy poodles aren't exactly scarce pet where I lived. But there was no mistaking the tiny scar right under her nose. As I cuddled her tight in my arms, I walked away from the poster. Soon my surprise gave way to indignation. How dare that person try to claim Fluffy as his now. Who is this Mr. Kim anyway? Where was he four weeks ago, when I found Fluffy wandering the street alone, cold and hungry? There was no collar on her and I did try asking around if anybody lost a puppy. But after a couple of weeks of futile attempt, Fluffy naturally became part of the family. I was stomping out of the park when suddenly a deep voice stopped me, "Is that my dog?" I looked up.

I opened my mouth to berate him, to tell him off for leaving his puppy alone, for letting her get lost. But no words came out. Damn it, I got tongue-tied with one look at that handsome face. Fluffy leaped out of my arms into his. There was no question of who he was to her. He was overjoyed but I must have looked like a dam about to burst. He quickly led me to a nearby bench. Once seated, he explained how he had been away and only found out yesterday that his Princess was missing. He had been worried sick. But now he realized he needn't worry, Princess had been in good hands after all. 

After a pause, he turned to me shyly and asked if he could treat me to dinner, as a way of saying thank you. I declined but said I wanted him to bring Fluffy - no, Princess (Princess Fluffy, he smiled) - to the park whenever he could, so that I could at least still meet her. He laughed and agreed. After a few months, he finally did take me out to dinner, to celebrate the day we officially became a couple. 

(- Kai's wife)


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