Monday, March 17, 2014

Belated Birthday Project: KaiSoo (Part II)

Yesterday was Day 1 of this 3-day project, I did this. Today I'll be gushing all over these kids' - talents. Yes, I know all them haters like to say "Exo's only all looks, their singing sucks", "Dancing? Sucks even worse", thanks for your opinions, haters, sincerely. Now please report to the nearest medical center as you seem to have gone deaf and blind.

KaiSoo offer you their sincerest condolences.
So, talents! I'm talking in terms of vocals and dancing. Let's start with vocals since that's what singers are all about right? Out of these two, D.O. is obviously the more vocally-endowed (eheh). His voice is so bee-yoo-tiful, so smooth. I love how he sounds, especially when he's singing in such a manly way (his facial expressions, unf). Seriously, he's so sexy when he's not busy being squishy. His clear English pronunciation when singing really helps too 'cuz he sounds 100 times sexier. Let's take a listen to some of the songs he's sung.

Beautiful, isn't it? Yes, I'm referring to both his voice and that squishy face. Just beautiful. Search more of his singing videos on YouTube, trust me you won't be disappointed. Now as for Kai, he may not be able to pull of long notes (who knows, maybe someday, if he practiced as hard as his once-tone-deaf best friend did) but that doesn't mean he doesn't have the voice for singing. 

This person used to be tone deaf.
Take a listen to First Snow, Lucky and Don't Go. Though he only sings some small parts, his voice shows potential. Me being Kai-obsessed of course already am freaking in love with his voice, so I really wanna hear him sing more (then again with 12 guys in a group, one can only hope). You said it yourself sweetie, you want to show your singing and dancing that have your own unique style. You concentrate on your vocal so SM will hopefully give you more lines. Don't worry about your dancing 'cuz you've got that down pat.

Speaking of dancing, Kai is obviously the better between these two but that doesn't mean D.O. can't hold his own. Check out SquishySoo's moves here (and Kai's, pretty hard to miss him). D.O.'s actually dancing in the same line as Lay. That's a compliment, since Lay is one freaking amazing dancing unicorn.

So, who says Kyungsoo can't dance? Then again...well, he sings very very good. As for Kai, he's a hot dancer. I'm not gonna post any sexy gifs of him dancing 'cuz I don't think my ovaries can take anymore of his sexiness. Even just typing his name over and over in this post is already making them quiver in anticipation. He has been featured in SBS 10000 Hour show and from there you can see just how seriously Kai takes his dancing. Alright, to wrap this up, here's a cute pic of this lovely couple.

Aw, cute KaiSoo. All ready for their wedding.
Click here for cute KaiSoo moments.


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