Wednesday, March 12, 2014

How I Met Your Father: Exo Edition (Part II)

"You cheapskate!"

My head swiveled to locate the source of commotion. My eyes landed on a couple - maybe exes now? - as the girl threw what looked like a cup of bubble tea at the guy. He stood there bewildered, just gaping as she walked away. I tried hard to suppress a giggle but it came out anyway. Uh-oh, the guy was staring at me now, his eyebrows slowly merging into a deep V.

I recognized him. He was a regular at my tea shop, always asking for choco bubble tea, to go. We'd exchanged a few pleasantries whenever he made his purchase. But his expression as he stalked over to me now didn't look like he had anything pleasant in mind to say. I braced myself, ready to be reproved for daring to laugh at him. Unexpectedly, all he wanted was another cup of tea to go - "can't drink the one she threw at my face".

Feeling sorry for him, I insisted he took the drink on the house, no charges. He blinked at me several times as if his brain wasn't comprehending my words. Hmm, god really didn't give everything, huh? Then again, it would've been too much to saddle somebody with that good a look with exceptional Einstein brain as well - the uglies needed something for themselves, after all. Suddenly he smiled, I think that was the first time I had ever seen him really smile. He said I'd restored his faith in girls. I blushed.

He started coming around more and more. And then one day he just straight up asked me to be his girlfriend. I almost laughed but his furrowing brows told me he was serious - also the couple rings he held in his palm. I giggled and said, "looks like I've turned the cheapskate into a decent human being." He replied with a single word, one word that was unique only to him - used to express his joy - and one that he even managed to slip into our wedding vows. I echoed his word as he replied me, "Yehet!"

(- Sehun's wife)


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