Monday, March 17, 2014

Watcha Doin' Today?~~ [MV Rant]

Hey, 4Minute's back! I'm gonna watch their MV and let you know what I think. Sort of like when people do reaction or review videos, but without the filming. Cameras and I aren't exactly best friends (I refuse to believe I have three chins, cameras add more than 10 pounds I swear). For better effect, watch the MV while reading this post. How exactly do you do that since you obviously have to keep your eyes trained on the MV to know what I'm talking about yet at the same time you have to use those same eyes to read? I don't know, ask the chameleonOkay, the MV. 4Minute - Whatcha Doin' Today? 

Hyuna's face, haha. You don't like what I'm doin' today?

First of all, what's with all the questions lately, 4Minute? What's Your Name, Is It Poppin'. Thanks for your concern, anyway. This is why I love these girls, they make great friends. Right, the MV. Ah, I'm loving the intro. Whoa, Hyuna. I take my words back. You do look great in black hair, especially coupled with those red lips. Ooh la la.

You ain't Korean if you don't LEGO~, I'm not..I'm not feeling the chorus. It's too much like their two previous songs (I mentioned the names above). Watching the MV or live stage won't help with this, I'm already watching the MV right now and I'm already watching the choreography for it. I'll just tune out the chorus.

Unusual indeed.
Maknae, what is up with that skirt? That hair makes her look even cuter though, those two cute tiny buns on top of her head. Jiyoon's looking all badass with her silver boxers around her ankles. I can't stop laughing (yes, I'm immature like that) XD The part where the guys nod their heads is pretty weird. Actually, just the guys being all around her like that is very weird. I'm loving Gayoon's part. But what's with your hair, girl? And them buttshots:/ Why are you walking around molesting the maids' backs? Ooh, Gayoon's goin' naughty with that spanking.

What's with that Hyuna scene. I mention before that I love her sexiness but Cube really needs to stop pimping her like this. This is only a slightly toned down version of this. Okay, very toned down version but still. Moving on, I am loving Gayoon's part again. Okay, getting used to her glittery eyebrows. No longer blinding my eyes. 

Jihyun is prettayy. I love her part too. This girl practically glows in person, so I'm not surprised she looks really pretty here (I read some comments elsewhere calling her fat. Bish, you must be skinnier than a toothpick if you think Jihyun's beautiful body is too much for you). Ah, the rappers. I love this part. I could understand Jiyoon's English but Hyuna, oh, Hyuna. I'm sorry if I show my LOL face now, girl.

Gayoon again, minus sparkly eyebrows. Sohyun being the terrifying maknae, so cute. Chorus again, tuning it out. Those shoulder moves. My favorite part is definitely this where Gayoon sings about Americano and party tonight (my Korean is on Hyuna's English level). Too bad this verse only crops up twice in the whole song. OMG, haha, Jihyun's face! Leader overdid it with the sweets and now she has to witness two men making outXD 

Ah, 말뚝박기 or riding-horse game. Oh, Korea, you cute weird drunk. Still the weirdest game I've ever seen. I have to admit I can't control my laughter every time I see this game, probably why SK keeps playing it 'cuz laughter is the best medicine. Ooh, Hyuna looks pretty in her last solo shot. 

Alright, so that's the end of the video. It's okay, I guess. Honestly, I miss Muzik and HuH (my ultimate 4minute songs). Yes, I know, the girls are trying something new. Of course they can't be stuck in the past forever. I'm just saying for their next comeback, even if the song won't have Muzik or HuH elements to it, at least it better not be a recycle of this or What's Your Name or Is It Poppin'. Time for something new. As I did before, I will now leave you with some of my favorite moments or shots from the MV. Oh, some of them are already up there. Here's some more.

Love Jihyun's nails~
Jiyoon is so pretty here.
Sohyun should put roses on her cheeks. Rosy cheeks.
Can't get over Gayoon's eyebrows.
I'm gonna go look for some glitters.


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