Thursday, March 20, 2014

Exo Birthday Project: Xiumin the Hot Fluffy Baozi (Part I)

Yay, it's Thursday. You know what that means, time to kick off my One Week Birthday Project for my lovely Xiumin! For those of you who don't know who this Xiumin is (but seriously?), take a good look at this picture. Take a good long look because this is the cutie I will be gushing over for the whole week. 

When did that adorable Baozi turn this sexy? No complains though, he's one hot steamed bun. So, for Day One of the project, guess what will the topic be? Guess, guess, it's - butt, I mean but first, a short biography on uri Xiuminnie~

Real Name: Kim Min Seok
Stage Name: Xiumin
Birthday: 26 March, 1990
Boyfriend: Luhan
Secret Lover: Bish, he's loyal.
Specialties: Cleaning. Being pretty. Taekwondo. Being Strong. Hiding his singing and dancing abilities.

Still can't guess the topic? Here are some clues:

Sorry, not butts. This is going to be my appreciation post for his beeg prettay eyes. Who says only double-lidded eyes are pretty? Minseokkie here is a monolid beauty ♥

Ain't he prettay? Time to say goodbye for now, annyeong~

[Note: Also did this for KaiSoo, though it's a belated birthday project for them. Exo, saranghaja~~]


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