Monday, March 10, 2014

How I Met Your Father: Exo Edition (Part I)

I was having a particularly bad day. I spotted a cafe and decided to get myself a cup of coffee to cheer myself up.

Of course, Lady Luck having abandoned me that day, I spilled the coffee all over my skirt as I was heading back to my table. I heard a male voice asking me if I was alright. I raised my face and immediately felt it flush crimson. The guy was really cute. He smiled and told me to go clean up. 

When I got back from the washroom, a fresh cup of coffee stood waiting for me on my table - and the guy was seated there, safeguarding it. I thanked him and he smiled his cute smile again. We started talking. That somehow turned into our first coffee date. 

On our 100th day, he showed up to our coffee date with a cute, white steamed bun in his hand. He said I'd have to split it so we can share it. So I happily did. I remember gasping out loud after I did and found a beautiful gold ring tucked between the two halves. Needless to say, I still have that ring with me until today. Yes, it's this one, the one I wear right above my wedding ring. Turns out Lady Luck never did abandon me that day, in fact she brought me the best luck ever - finding the perfect husband. 

(- Xiumin's wife)


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