Sunday, March 30, 2014

MBLAQ Is So Not BROKEN [Mini Album Rant]

So the album, I love love love all the songs especially Broken, Be A Man, Our Relationship, Twelve Months and Still With You. Okay, that's almost all. They're all number one and Key and Because There Are Two take second place, eheh. 

The concept of this album, as said by a J.Tune Camp representative is: "to show a manly, albeit cold, gaze rather than a sad one in the midst of a broken love". I say I wanna see more of this side of MBLAQ. The album is simply beautiful.

1. Broken (Intro)                                                                                 

Such a beautiful intro. It definitely pulls me in and makes me want to hear more of what this album has to offer. And I am happy to say, the album does not disappoint. In fact, it rekindled my love for these five, sexxay men, hee. The lyrics are beautiful too. Love is both beautiful and painful. Good job penning the lyrics, Cheondung! Now I just wish for this intro to be longer, to be a full song>.<

2. 남자답게 (Be A Man)                                                                      

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. The music is beautiful, their voices are beautiful. I am loving their voices especially Lee Joon's (of course), G.O's and Seungho's. I'm usually not a big fan of rapping (except in hip hop songs) but I don't mind it much in this song. Everything just flows perfectly The lyrics are beautiful too. Why wouldn't it be when it's penned by the talented Wheesung and Mir? (My favorite lines: Should I be a man and let you go, let go of your hand? Should I hug you saying good bye? I end up not being able to do anything.) I just can't stop with the B-word because you see, when you're in love, everything is beautiful. And this song has definitely made me fall head over heels in love with it and MBLAQ Here's the MV, I've also talked about it here.

3. 우리 사이 (Our Relationship)                                                        

The whistling. I love the whistling. Another smooth song. I seriously love the rhythm. And the lyrics, I don't know if I'm being overly sentimental (I usually don't though, I swear XD) or what but it's another sheet of beautifully-penned lyrics (Mir had a hand in writing them). A man wondering of what next steps to take when his relationship with the woman he loves has obviously gone stale. They are no longer happy with each other, what should they do to fix it? Can it still be fixed or is it beyond repair? He asks her what they should do, he asks her to stay a little longer while they figure it out, he asks her to give him a chance as somehow he is still in love with her, despite their cooling relationship... Damn, who's cutting onions in here?

4. 12개월 (12 Months)                                                                        

The intro...can I just cry now? I'm not really loving the lyrics (I'm quite heartless, lyrics like these just seem clingy to me, not romantic - again, heartless). But it's hard to hate the song because I really do love the beat and why must the boys sound so good in this? OTL Oh, my poor heart can't take this. Anyway, the song is basically about a guy missing the chick who dumped him a year ago. I do love the line My today became your yesterday again. Mir and Cheondung strike again, they helped with the lyrics and Cheondung did extra by helping with the lovely composing. 

5. 열쇠 (Key)                                                                                        

Man, I can write very beautiful dramas based on the lyrics in this mini album. I think this and Our Relationship would make the best dramas (by drama I mean drama-themed short films, I'm not into soppy serial dramas, eheh). None of the members helped with the lyrics this time around but I sure do love what Duble Sidekick and David Kim have come up with. Beautiful (no, I don't think I'll ever stop with this B-word). I feel so sorry for the main character in this song though, he's obviously been friend-zoned, fighting getting your girl, dude!XD (I'm sorry, I like to laugh at unfortunate things).

6. 둘이라서 (Because There Are Two)                                           

Another lyrical work by Mir, this time with G.O (who also helped composed it). This is my least favorite song on the album, though. Just not my style. I prefer the smoother sounds of the others. The lyrics don't touch me either so... But hey, at least the boys still sound oh so good

7. Still With You (Outro.)                                                                    

I don't know why G.O is credited as having helped with the lyrics when...there is no lyrics in this song. There's no singing, it's just music *scratches head*. BUT it's one heck of a music! It's a beautiful outro to a perfect album.

Wow, that was pretty long and a tad more in-depth than my previous album rants, I really am madly in love with this albumXD It's raining as I write this post, it sets the perfect ambiance as I listen to these beautiful songs. I guess that's why I went a little sentimental in the middle there. Can't be helped, this album is just perfection 

I'm gonna give it  out of five 
Because it managed to do the impossible, it made me fall in love~


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