Friday, March 28, 2014

It's A #WildandSexyJacksonDay

So, this dude's my bias (sort of) but i didn't even know today's his birthday. Fail. Still...Happy 20th Birthday Jackson :D 祝你生日快乐 

Alright, I don't really follow Got7 which is why I didn't know until I saw tweets about it being his birthday. I know, such a fail fan, lawlz. I've only watched a few of their videos, the dance practice videos mostly. Their debut MV didn't really catch my attention. I love the debut song though, it's so smoothXD (Though my fave song is definitely Like Oh.)

It was because of the dance practice vids that I started falling for Jackson. I love the way he moves Plus, he's easy on the eyes~ My friend likes him too so I already know beforehand that he was part of a fencing team (was in the Hong Kong representative team for 2010 Olympics) and has won a championship. His fencing-coach-dad and gold-medalist-gymnast-mom trained this perfection well :3 But he finds his true calling in performing so now he's part of a boy group under JYP. Good call, Jackie~ (Can I call you Jackie?...maybe no.)

Anyways, check him out here , here and here. Enjoy the eye candy~


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