Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Exo Birthday Project: Xiumin the Hot Fluffy Baozi (Part VI)

생일 축하해 시우민아 

So I couldn't post anything for the Birthday Project yesterday because the power at home went out. Thank goodness I have time (and electricity) today, so I can post both Part VI and the final part. Kinda sad that this project is ending today>.< Then again, it's not like I'll stop posting anything regarding Exo or Xiumin after this, my obsession shall continue forever and ever and ever *sly smile*.

Alright, so what's the topic for Part VI? Here's a clue:

Usually, I don't do shipping. In fact, I was never even into shipping until Exo came along and ruined my life. It all started with a certain unicorn and his love triangle with a dragon and a deer. Then I realized all twelve of them are just so shippable and well...I just hate these guys OTL

Anyway, since today is Xiumin's day, of course I'll only be talking about his ships. I'll be ranking my least to favorite Xiumin shipping. Let's start off with Numero twelvo (what did I say about my Spanish?).

No. 2: XiuRis

XiuRis lost in their own world,
oblivious to jealous onlookers.
Aw, eye contact plus cute smile *blushes*.
No. 2: XiuHo

One minute he doesn't want him, the next he's
all over him. That's the way of XiuHo.
No. 2: XiuLay

XiuLay happens because Xiumin
just loves how Lay can't get enough of his cheeks.
No. 2: XiuBaek

There is nothing sweeter than a XiuBaek (with a side of jealous maknae).
No. 2: XiuChen

Xiumin now knows what Joonmyeon feels like, because Chen
is giving him a taste of his own medicine. The hot / cold relationship of XiuChen.
No. 2: XiuYeol

The loving and protective relationship of XiuYeol.
No. 2: XiuSoo

The cuteness overload that is XiuSoo.
No. 2: XiuTao

Soemtimes they're all lovey dovey, sometimes they're just suave lovers, that's XiuTao.
No. 2: XiuKai

Mature maknae meets fake maknae, cute yet hot perfection of XiuKai.
No. 2: XiuHun

Am I the only one sensing a theme here with the way
the maknaes just want to devour their hyung? XiuHun pairing is so lovable.
And last but not least, No. 1: XiuHan
Arguably the most popular of all Xiumin-pairings. What's not to love about this pair? The two baby-looking oldest hyungs - I swear they greedily keep a fountain of youth to themselves - who are just so cute yet manly. But mostly cute. Sorry Luhan. Props to the deer for finally getting Minseok all to himself after all those years of seduction.

Everybody's jealous of this cute couple that is XiuHan. BaekLay's faces say it all.
And that's it. My ranking for Xiumin shi - oh what's that you say? I seemed to have mislabeled my countdowns you say? Nope. No mistakes there. I do not have a least to favorite ranking of Xiumin ships *Jongdae's troll face*. This is Exo we're talking about here! So all Xiuships are equal, except for one that stands out from the rest BECAUSE XIUHAN IS REAL.


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