Tuesday, March 25, 2014

JJCC=Jackie Jackie Chan Chan's Idols?

J.J.C.C. That's how I used to pronounce their name, one by one, before I realized it's actually pronounced Double J Ssi. 

JJCC is the highly anticipated group produced by Jackie Chan. One of the five members is Australian Chinese. That's him, Prince Mak, at 0:38 in the video above. The rest are South Koreans. That's E.co at 0:10, maknae Sanchung at 0:26, leader Simba at 1:02 and main vocalist Eddy at 1:27.

I use this video here since this is the only live performance of theirs I've watched so far. That is after watching first their dance practice video and then their debut MV. Here are my thoughts after watching all three:

Dance Practice Video                                                                        

Lawlz, why are you guys decked in your stage costume complete with full makeup on? Dress rehearsal, huh? I like that the nametags are there, help me memorize their names faster. So my first time listening to the song. At First (ahah~), I wasn't really feeling it. But the chorus slowly grew on me. Now my favorite part is the chorus but still not feeling the rest of the song (a flip from what I thought of SNSD's song). Then there's the accompanying dance. The dance is...slow. And lacking of energy. Just my thoughts, I think they need a new choreographer as well as more dance lessons. Visual wise, they're okay. Vocal wise, I am loving Eddy's voice! Gotta watch out for this one.

Debut MV                                                                                             

Why are they missing one member?! Kinda weird debuting a five-member group with only four members featured in the whole MV. (It is explained that Prince Mak wasn't able to film due to accident but still, not even maybe a flash of his picture in there?) A little let down by the MV, other than it missing one member, there's also the fact that it looks kinda...underbudgeted. Maybe my expectation was raised too high. I just figured since they are labeled as Jackie Chan's Idols, I thought the MV would feature some nice ass-kicking moves. Or it'd be like a mini movie. Or at least something that is not a repeat of every other K-Pop MV out there. I'm talking about the no-plot, just random wandering around or being trapped in SS501's and U-Kiss' sets (I could name a lot more other idols' MV's that come to mind watching this but that'll take me all night to list). Sorry, again, expectation set too high. Here's to hoping their follow up MV will be better.

Debut Stage (on Music Bank)                                                          

They actually debuted onstage first before releasing the debut MV. They started promotion four days before the official MV came out. But I'm writing about it last since it's the last video I watched out of the three I am talking about today. Anyway, the performance. As lackluster as their dance practice but hey, Prince Mak is back. One thing I notice, Eddy's voice sounds so good live. Even better compared to how it sounds in the recorded version (like in the MV). Another thing I notice - HOLY SHIZZ why didn't I notice before just how cute Eddy is? I do not like this. I am struck by The Eddy Curse again***

So, I may not be blown away by their debut but I do see potential. Give them time and hopefully they'll grow to be better performers. For now I'll be watching the live stages only, because - Eddy (eheh). 

***The Eddy Curse - Eddie Shin (Aziatix) and Eddy both have good looks and great vocals. Both are my bias in their respective group (is it too early to name Eddy my bias?) but holey holes, I hate that they're named Eddie / Eddy. That's my brother's name._. Fangirling can get a little awkward because of this. I mean, imagine the following scene:

Me: *watching KPop MV* Omaigawd,omaigawd,he'ssohot,he'ssohot! I love him! I wanna marry him!
Mom: Who do you wanna marry, honey?
Mom: ... Who now?
Me: EDD - I hate this.

It's a real curse when you can't spazz freely about a cutie you like all because he just happens to have the same name as your sibling OTL


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