Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Belated Birthday Project: KaiSoo (Part III)

This is it. The third and final part of my belated birthday project for KaiSoo. To make this event a bit more special, I've invited the boys over to my imaginary studio once again to guest on my special totally-not-ripped-off talk show. I know I said the boys might be tired of interviews by now but hey, this needs to be special right? This is the last post for them! It needs to be celebrated! Oh, they're awake. Let's go say HI.

Ria: Hi, boys. Thank you for joining me again on Ria Lee's Shabby Talk Show, the shabbiest talk show -
D.O.: Baekhyun really wants you to stop copying our talk show concept.
Ria: Message received *grins*. So, how did you two lovebirds spend your birthdays?
Kai: Our birthdays were two months ago.
D.O.: Lovebirds?

Ria: Just pretend it's still January. Okay? Okay. So...
Kai: Wait, hyung how did we get here? You, where's our manager?
D.O.: Oh no, did you stuff him into the closet again?
Ria: No, you silly gooses. You were both sleeping when he dropped you off just now, looks like somebody's catching his dongsaeng's sleepy virus *wiggles eyebrows at D.O.*~~ Then I sent him off for some errands. He should be back with the chickens and cakes soon.
D.O.: *turns to Kai* We're not leaving, are w - 
Kai: No, the foods are coming. We shouldn't waste food.
D.O.: *sighs* Okay, so you were asking about our birthdays? Well, we didn't do anything special, really.
Kai: Nothing special? Pffftt, you got so wasted you wouldn't stop calling Chanyeol Yeolda. And the next morning, you couldn't remember a thing.
D.O.: What about you? On your birthday you got high on chickens and kept insisting we do the thigh challenge again, you were convinced you would win with all that chicken power!

Kai: You threw up all over my shoes but you don't remember that, do you?!
D.O.: You - *KaiSoo bicker on*
Ria: Guys, guys! *mutters* Uh-oh, this is going south fast. *tries again* Guys. Guys. HEY GUYS!
KaiSoo: What?!
Ria: And we're back *grins*.
Kai: This is crazy, we're going.
Ria: No, no. Come on, we can fix this. You want to make up and be BFF's again, don't you? We can't let all this negativity boil between the two of you. No, no. Let's try some couple therapy. Time to kiss and make up.

Posted/Re-up by kika @ EXOtown

D.O.: We're really not dating.
Kai: You know what, hyung? Let's just give this a try. If it shuts her up, why not?
D.O.: Really? Receiving therapy from a crazy person seems right to you?
Kai: Oh God, why do you have to fight with me over every thing?
D.O.: Oh. OH. I like to fight? What about you? You Mr.-I'm-so-perfect-
KaiSoo: o.o O.O
Ria: Okay. Now. Let's take some deep breaths. In. Out. In. Out. Good. We good? Alright. Why don't we start with something easy. Like...oh, I got it! Name three things you like about your partner.
D.O.: *turns to Kai* Are we really - ?
Kai: *shrugs*
D.O.: Fine, I'll go first. I like...Kai's maturity.
Ria: I know what you mean. That jawline is so mature and manly.
D.O.: What? No, I meant his personality. He's very matur -
Ria: I love it too. That face can't go wrong from any angle!

KaiSoo: ...
Ria: Kai?
Kai: *clears throat* Well, - his voice -
Ria: Say something about his face!
Kai: Uh...his eyes? His eyes are pretty. And his lips.

Ria: I KNOW RIGHT. You were a kid ulzzang, weren't you, Kyungsoo? With those white-rich owl eyes and heart-shaped lips, you definitely have a blessed face. Oh, you too, Kai, of course. Who doesn't love those thick, sexxay lips? Oh, you said something about voice? Yes, yes, D.O.'s voice is so smooth and yours so deep. Whenever either of you speak, I swear all the girls just go "oops, where'd my panties go?" Classic.
KaiSoo: ...
Ria: Tell me, what's your favorite hair color on each other?
D.O.: Is this still part of the first question?...
Ria: Blond. It's blond, isn't it? Kai, you look so hot in blond.

D.O.: Me?
Ria: You never dyed your hair blond. 
D.O.: ಠ_ಠ
Ria: But so far, you look good with every hairstyle you've had. So squishy - manly, I mean. Okay, D.O., what else do you like about Kai? 
D.O.: Now we're back to the first - ? okay, uhm...his discipline.
Ria: I know! I mean, those abs don't just appear. It's all discipline in the gym.

D.O.: But I wasn't talking about -
Ria: Right? Admirable discipline. Hey, let's play some music. Yeah! Like Nelly says, It's getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes~ Watchu waiting for Kai?
D.O.: O.O

Kai: Hyung, now we're leaving. For real.
Ria: Wait, no, no. Come back! ... Can you tell your manager to at least bring the food in first? No? Anybody hear me? ...kkaebsong...looks like I'm making kimchi spaghetti for one again tonight.


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