Thursday, March 13, 2014

Imagine: Celebrating Your Birthday With Exo-M

Imagine you're a girl - just a normal girl - with six crazy best friends. And they're all dudes. Your birthday would definitely be something memorable as the guys try their best to get you the best present ever (and of course they'll try to outdo each other's gift). So today, imagine it's your birthday, imagine you're a girl celebrating her birthday with her six best friends - and imagine those best friends are Exo-M.

[Note: Yehet, check out Exo-K version here. Like I said, I tried fitting all 12 into one post but it was just too much. Now enjoy this like a piece of your best birthday cake ever - quickly, before Tao realizes you have cake.]


Exo-M: Happy Birthday!!!
You: *Looks at cupcakes* Let me guess, there was supposed to be a whole cake but Tao ate it.
Lay: Exactly.
Tao: I thought we said we'd keep that a secret! Look, I promise we're gonna go get cakes tomorrow, just the two of us. I'm buying, I swear.
You: Okay~
Tao: Okay,

You: So, gifts!!!
Chen: Here.
You: No thanks.
Chen: What?!
You: You're gonna troll me again, I just know it. I am so not gonna accept anything from you.
Chen: Fine, your lost *happy smile*.
Luhan: Open ours~
You: Yours and Xiumin's?
Xiumin: *nods*

You: Ooh, coffee coupons?
Luhan: Yup, you know how we got that job at the coffee house? Well, you drop by anytime with those coupons and we'll make you the best coffee in the world~~ Xiumin will throw in some free steamed buns too.
You: *squeals* I love this! Thanks Lulu and Baozi~~
Xiumin: *grins*

You: See, this is how you give gifts. 
Kris: I don't think she's ever forgiving you for that spider in the box trick you did last year.
Chen: Wasn't that priceless?
Kris: It was.
You: I hate you guys. Laylay?~
Lay: ...
You: Omygawd, you forgot my birthday!
Lay: *sheepish grin*

Xiumin: No, I saw Lay with his guitar yesterday, I think that has something to do with your gift. Lay?
Lay: Oh yeah, thanks for reminding me hyung. 
You: My nickname for you is totally appropriate, you're forgetful but still as adorable as a freakin' unicorn. Well, Forgetful Unicorn, what's my gift?
Lay: Well, I did go with Tao to get you something. But he took too long inside the Gucci store, so I left him and wandered around and lost track of time. By the time I remembered what I was supposed to do, most shops were closed. So I came home and wrote you a song instead.
You: YAY! Play it, play it! But before that, Tao, you bought me Gucci? *shining eyes*
Chen: You dream big, gull.

You: Right...Tao only buys Gucci if Kris is there to buy him things.
Tao: I'm right here *glares*.
You: Lay, play~
*Lay sings*

*Everyone mesmerized*
You: Aw, that was beautiful. Thank you, Unicorn~
Lay: I've recorded the track for you, you'll find the mp3 file in your email.
You: *squeezes unicorn* Okay, who's next?
Chen: Me.
You: No. Kris?
Kris: Here *confidently hands you your gift*.
You: *rips open package* O.O
Exo-M (except Kris): *burst out laughing*
You: Uh...if this is supposed to be me, I think I'm offended.

Kris: That's a picture of Twinkle, your Maltese puppy.
You: Kris, if this really how you think my cute fluffy white cloud of a puppy looks like - you need an eye check.
Kris: *proud* I am Kriscasso. And that is one my finest masterpiece.

You: *giggles* Thank you, Kriscasso. Thanks for framing it beautifully too. I'll hang this somewhere Twinkle can see it.
Chen: That means she's only keeping the frame.
Tao: Expect to see the drawing lining Twinkle's sleeping basket.
ChenTao: *takes cover when Kris stands up*
Kris: *stretches, sits down*
You: Tao? Don't tell me the cakes we're getting tomorrow is my gift. That doesn't count.
Tao: Dammit, it totally would've if I didn't eat your cake for today, huh?
Everyone: *nods nods*
Tao: Chen, you go first.

You: NO!
Chen: I promise it's nothing stupid. I'm more mature now, you know.
You: *reluctantly accepts gift* Oh, movie tickets?
Luhan: Wow, that is matur -

You: For Spiders 3D. Gee, thanks you troll.
Chen: Merong! Man I love giving gifts.
You: Looks like I'm saving a lot of money this year. Since I'll only be buying gifts for Lay, Luhan and Xiumin.
Kris: Me?
You: I'll make you something.
Tao: She cooks like the worst fried rice ever, I think that's gonna be your gift.
You: And yours, panda.
Tao: But I'm giving you the best gift ever!
You: Don't say a trip to the zoo.
Tao: ...

Chen: You're screwed, panda.
Tao: Strawberry picking?
You: Yay, okay!
Tao: Now you're screwed, camel!
Chen: *pulls out tickets from pocket* This is your real gift. Those Spiders ones aren't even real tickets if you noticed.
You: *peers closely* You're right!
Tao: ...
Kris: Well, Tao's gonna go cry in a corner now. Let's enjoy some cupcakes~
Lay: ... Wait, have I given my gift?


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