Saturday, March 15, 2014

How I Met Your Father: Exo Edition (Part V)

I stared at the piece of paper, wondering which of my kindergartners drew this one. Whatever this one was. Seriously, I couldn't tell whether it was a puppy, a pig or if it was even an animal. I sighed, I loved teaching arts and crafts but sometimes the kids' "arts" gave me a headache.

"Oh, good, you're still here." I looked up. Whoa, did a model just walk off the runway and find himself lost in my class? Oh, maybe he's one of my kindergartners' father. Lucky kid. Luckier wife. "Sorry I'm new here, you are Mr....?" I fished for a name. He smiled, my heart nearly stopped, said he was little Ace's uncle. Ace, the cute kid with really pretty eyes, good genes sure ran in the family. He explained he was just here to drop off Ace's drawing. The little munchkin grabbed his by mistake. "My fault really for putting it next to his."

My eyes widened. I held up the paper - the only one without a name on it - in my hand, "this is your drawing?!" I failed to mask the disbelief in my voice. His cheeks turned an attractive shade of tomato red. "I don't see anything wrong with it," he huffed. I bit back a laughter. "Well, maybe you should be giving me art lessons if you think my skills are really that bad," he huffed again. "Mr., you have no skills," I retorted.

He glared at me, his eyebrows as intimidating as a pair of rottweilers. I gulped. Great, here comes the lawsuit. Suddenly, he broke into laughter. "That is exactly the reason why you should be giving me art lessons, private ones preferably". He winked ostentatiously. A relieved sigh escaped my chest. I rolled my eyes but was secretly flattered that a guy this hot was flirting with me. I shoo-ed him out. He came by again several times after that, under the pretense of picking up his nephew from school. One day I finally gave in to him, I started giving him art lessons. No, his skills never improved, he's one hopeless case. Then again, he did manage to make me his wife, so maybe he's not that hopeless after all.

(- Kris's wife)


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