Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Best K-Pop Blondes [Female Edition]

I know this joke is super old but I just love it! Let me tell it to you again:
Q: So who's your bias in B.A.P?
A: The blond one. 

Quick, tell me what's your favorite idol's current hair color? BLOND. It's blond isn't it? I know I'm right. (Even if I'm not, believe me you, he or she is getting it bleached sooner or later. Fact. Maybe.) So to honor the best blondes I've ever laid eyes on in the world of K-Pop, let me present to you my list of Best K-Pop Blondes. Now you may notice three out of five are members of the same group. No, it's not because I'm biased (okay, I am, little bit) but I honestly do think these babehs look grreeeaatt in blond. Anyways, here they are:

5) Hyuna (4Minute)
Coming in at numero fivo-I-never-learned-Spanish, we have the lovely Hyuna~ Girl is one strong, sexy, confident lady. Trust me, in person she looks even prettier *_* For me, she looks prettiest in blond. She's okay in brown but somehow not in black. Sorry, gurl. But still, you're super pretty. You grew up well since your Irony days, teehee.

4) Sunny (SNSD)
Sunny bunny~ At first, I wasn't feeling her as a blonde. I mean her Hoot hair was horrendous (that belongs in the Worst K-Pop Blondes list along with Tiffany's, sorry mushroom *hearteu*). Wait, no. Actually she did look good then, though there were times I err'ed. But I didn't buy her as a blonde until The Boys came out. Aaaaand BAM! Sunny was rocking that short blonde 'do! I thought she looked super hot and classy with that hair. Her hair during IGAB make her look like a cute bunny again. But still lo~ving it.

3) Nana (After School)
Im Jin-Ah's got her model face on. Girl is fierce with blond hair! Her facial structure and smoky make-up are just perfect for that hair color. When I first saw her performing onstage with After School, I remember thinking "why is there a runway model randomly inserted there?" (I was behind on my K-Pop news, wasn't aware she was a new member). I actually really really like her with blond hair, to the point of wishing I could go and bleach her hair myself. But that wouldn't happen. A) I don't even live in Korea. B) Now that's just weird.

2) Jessica (SNSD)
You know her name's gonna pop up here, she does look super good in blond, as agreed by like tons of people. She's my favorite blonde in SNSD too, along with Hyoyeon. "But why does she only place second?" You asked, random stranger on the Internet. Well, honestly, she just looks freaking good in any hair color. I mean, seriously, how is that even possible Jeshika? Gurl looks good in blond, brunette, bald - kidding. But it's true, so far I haven't found her in any bad hair color. Oh wait! Except for this blond! Yes, her worst hair color moment was also when she was blond, weird, I know. So that's why she's numero two-oh-I-still-don't-know-Spanish.

1) Hyoyeon (SNSD)
ALL hail the blonde dancing queen. The first blonde in SNSD. Now gull, I can't explain what I feel. But dayum, you look so good in blond! She is just one of those rare Asians who look like they were expelled from the womb sporting naturally blond tufts. I mean, I can't unsee her in blond. In fact, I don't even like her in any other color. But it's true! *wails* You know how some people just don't look good in their natural hair color or just look better in another? (Sorry Queen B, dark locks definitely suit you more). Well, that's how it is with Hyoyeon. Her hair color starting from The Boys looked so good. And I'm so glad that she maintains the blond in IGAB and Mr.Mr. 

Now I know idols love changing their hair color or style almost every other day (looking at you Sehun) or at least during each comeback. But Hyo babeh, please, stick with being blonde. Hey, if Katy Perry can stick to brunette, Christina Hendricks to red, Scarlett Johansson to blond, why not our Dancing Queen? ;) 

Take a Wilde guess what Olivia's real hair color is.
Every celebrity had that dye job that became their calling card to fame. So, I don't see anything wrong with Hyoyeon sticking to blond at the moment. Of course, she can change it if she ever gets bored with it, that's her hair after all, not mine. I'm just saying - Hyoyeon, you are the prettiest blonde I've ever seen in the K-Pop world. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go stare at my favorite blond males in the K-Pop world. Who are they, you ask? Well, that's a post for another day, I answer. Ciao~

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