Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Running Man Cast: Betrayers' Club

달려~ I'mma start with the Betrayers' Club because I find them the most adorable *teehee*. No, this isn't some exclusive club where all the members are elite and prestigious people. No, in fact, one has to be the complete opposite in order to be dumped unceremoniously into this club. By being one of the weakest and most unreliable was how Impala, Girin and Haroro find themselves the sole members of this cloud-cast club. 

Betrayers' Club Motto:
Bae (배). Shin (신). Ja (자). Cross! 

Betrayers' Club Traits:
- Always greedy for the number one spot 

- Always greedy to be the main characters 

- Always ready to betray at a moment's notice
HaHa pretends to help untangle Jihyo's hair,
shamelessly rips her nametag off during time-out.
- Will heartlessly betray anyone, anywhere (including own BC members)
HaHa forgets his pact with Kwangsoo the moment
he has the Golden Sword in his possession.
- Dream of beating The Commander (doesn't matter done in an honest or dishonest way)
Kwangsoo eliminates own teammate - Jongkook! xD
- Yet prefer laughter over serious wins

Betrayers' Club Members Profiles:
Ji Sukjin (48) 
The weakest one, though this is a spot occasionally contended by the almost equally weak Girrafe. Has a talent for composing random songs. He is well-known for being the "race-starter". You know game just got serious the moment you hear "Ji Sukjin, out. Ji Sukjin, out."

Ha Donghoon (35)
A pint-sized childish penguin that likes to create havoc wherever he goes. Affectionately called "nae dongsaeng" (my younger brother) by Sparta Kook. Likes to rely on "uri hyung" (my older brother) for his wit and strength, yet will still betray the Tiger at any chance he gets (dedicates his life to influencing others to vote Jongkook out at every voting game).

Lee Kwangsoo (29) 
Resembles James Cameron's blue avatars. The ultimate icon of betrayal in Running Man. Has a tendency to imagine himself in a love-line with the show's beautiful female guests. Unfortunately for him, his love is often rejected. Fortunately for him, he is well-loved in other Asian countries outside of Korea, especially in SEA (so he should marry a Southeast Asian is what I'm saying, ehem).

Betrayers' Club may always end up at the bottom of the totem pole. But it doesn't matter. Because they have their bromance, they have their unity, they have each other to rely...on... 

Screw it, their betrayal gene's too strong.


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