Friday, March 14, 2014

My Mi, Mi, Mister, Rock This World [Mnet Rant]

[Note: I was supposed to post this last Friday but some things got in the way. Now I don't feel like wasting the words I've typed here so I'mma go ahead and just post this. Ok, I'm just lazy to re-edit, you got me. Also, my words are a little weird here 'cuz I was typing in a haste. Hee, anyways, yeah... Let's Go!]

So like I mentioned before, I wasn't really digging Mr.Mr.,especially the chorus part. Usually if I'm not feeling a song, the feels get better after watching the MV. I don't know, visual stimulation works for me (eheh). With GG's comeback song, still wasn't liking it much. Chorus still bothered the shizz out of me. 

BUT - 

After watching their comeback performance on Mnet last night - GIRLS I"M BACK! I don't get why people are complaining about the performance being lackluster and not up to par with what GG has offered so far. I for one do not find it even one bit yawn-inducing. In fact, I love it so much that I watched it for almost three hours last night (before I realized it was way past time for my beauty sleep). Finally the song worked for me~ All because I finally see the full choreo. I love how the moves are simple but very beautiful (in my eyes). I love watching out for those small gestures in each of the girl's movements.

The magic is also in the formation. (Then  again this is something that's always been cool about GG's dances).The intro is cool. The verse is cool. The chorus is cool. I mean the dance moves in each part. I love love love the way one dance part transitions smoothly into the other. I love when the girls break up in small parts to dance instead of move around together like a swarm of insects in a mating ritual (is this correct? I don't even know).

Point is, I love the song now and I definitely love the dance moves. Those steps aren't lazy people. And of course they wouldn't be doing strong hip-hop moves like they did in I Got A Boy. Dafuq u smoking? How are those dance moves gonna fit with a song as laid back as Mr.Mr? (In my opinion the song is chill 'cuz it doesn't have the wild sounds of IGAB - which I freaking loved from the first listen 'cuz it was just my styleXD <--IGAB I mean here). 

Kinda sad tho that some of the dance moves couldn't be seen clearly... I just hope their next performances will have better camera angles. This one just sucks cheeseballs.


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