Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I Got It From My Omma (Says V of BTS)

I cannot get over the adorableness of these two beautiful creatures, so I decide to make this post dedicated to outlining the traits that Baekhyun omma has passed down to only son, Taehyung the ladybug. And yes, it is in a fake interview format, because.

Just because.
(Note: No mention of Daehyun appa here because I couldn't get him to talk, he's busy wolfing down cheesecakes ._.)

(Another Note: Me stands for Me, Baek for Baekhyun-you-cutie-patootie-puppy, V for Taehyung-the-4D-lion.)

*insert talk show theme song*
*theme song fades*

Me: Welcome to Ria Lee's Shabby Talk Show, the shabbiest talk show - 
Baek: Wait, are you plagiarizing my talk show concept? The one I did with D.O.?

V: Omma, look at her name. Forward and backward it's still !
Me: *grins*
Baek: ... *glances at shabby sketchbook acting as talk show sign*
V: *claps hands*
Baek: You're not Korean, are you?
Me: No...
Baek: No wonder you wrote your name wrong.
Me: Exactly. *proud smile*
Baek: What?
V: Omma isn't in her best mood. I think you woke her up from her nap?

Me: I did. Anyways, Taehyung ah~ I have a few questions here for you and your mom to answer.
V: Yay!
Me: You have a very pretty face.
V: I got it from my omma and appa!

Eyeliner Family~
Me: Bacon, what other things did your son "get" from you?
Baek:...ah, pretty hands. Pretty voice, though his is obviously deeper than mine. Pretty hair - can you not call me Bacon?
Me: Of course. Now, V, do you enjoy cross-dressing?
V: As a ladybug? Yes!

Baek: *groans*
Me: Bacon -
Baek: Baekhyun.
Me: I think you forgot to mention one more thing your adeul got from you~ *wiggles eyebrows*

Baek: Ah...
Me: Your wackiness!
Baek: Kkaebsong...

Me: Ah~~ Like omma, like son. Bacon, don't you just love your son's kkomul kkomul dance?
Baek: Baekhyun! *murmurs* I told Daehyun not to teach him that when he was a baby, 18 years on and he's still dancing it.
V: Omma, you said something?
Baek: I love you.
Me: Aww...
Baek: But my son is very manly too, you know? I mean, just listen to that voice.
Me: I know, panty-dropping.
Baek: Exact - wait.

Say what now?
Me: Hmm, anything I left out? So that's all you got from your omma, right V?
V: *thinking*
Baek: *thinking*
V: Oh, I can put on pretty eyeliners like omma!
Me: How manly.
Baek: Shut up. Taehyung, go play with your friends Jimin and Jungkook.
V: *obediently shoots off*
Me: Wait, we're done? Baekkie? TaeTae?
Baek: *falls asleep and starts whining like a puppy*
Me: *whispers* Well, that's all folks. Till next time~ This has been Ria's TalkShowtime!

[...aaaaand this is what happens when I get super bored...]


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