Saturday, March 22, 2014

Growling Down The Runway : Exo Style

Whoa, so finally got 'round to watching this. And I must say, though I am a proud danshin, there are times I wish I was born with legs that go on for days. Okay, it might not automatically make me a model but at least it will make reaching for those cereals on the higher shelf much easier. Hmph. Wait, what's the "this" I mention in the first line? Well, it's this:

EXO at 2014 Fashion Week Opening Ceremony

Oh, maknae line, forever stealing the sexy spotlight from your hyungs...and this fangirl does not mind *squeals*. One thing though, dear stylist, why isn't Kai's hair styled like the other two? I do not like his hair like this. I prefer his hair all slicked back like a sexxay mo - ok, I'm just gonna move on.

I know Ye Bin, I know.
Disappointed at the lack of Kris, I mean that guy is born to model. Look at that bitchface (how many models have you seen smiling on the runway?) and those loooong legs. Blond Tao and Sehun are of course perfect runway models.

I can't get over this Perfection.
Kai I'm not feeling so much maybe 'cuz of that hair, usually I love his swag. Sadly, not a lot of focus on the other members. Then again, twelve people onstage not counting the girl models...yeah, screentimes are gonna be limited. Speaking of the girl models, agh...lucky bishes. Walking arm-in-arm, holding hands, exchanging smiles. Living every fangirl's dream there. Do I envy them? Of course. Do I wanna trade lives with them just for those moments? Of course! Do I really think I'm not gonna pass out if I ever get anywhere that close to Exo? I...nope.

...Good thing I'm not those models then.

Anyway, I love how the dance is modified to allow the models to walk the runway while they're performing. Kinda funny how some of them have to dance facing the walls at time but still good. When they part to make way for the models and the sexxay maknaes start strutting with them models..aish, my heart. Kai's smile, Sehun's eyebrows, Tao's glare. Damn you guys.

Never thought watching 2014 Seoul Collection Fashion Week Opening Ceremony would give me this much feels, but it did, it sure did. Now excuse me while I go drool over my 12 wolves again.

Sexxay maknaes~

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