Wednesday, March 12, 2014

How I Met Your Father: Exo Edition (Part III)

"This isn't right..." The quivering voice brought my attention to its speaker. It was a guy huddled in the corner, trying his best to avoid looking out of the glass-walled cable car. I could only see his profile as he had his back toward me. His eyes slid sideways, caught the fantastic view outside (though "fantastic" was probably the last word in his vocabulary right now) and quickly squeezed shut.

I grinned, he was reminding me of my six-year-old nephew who was terrified of heights. I inched over to him, asking him if he was okay. His eyes flew open. He turned to face me and I felt my breath caught. Well, now he no longer reminded me of nephew. I mean, if I wanted to do to my nephew what I was thinking of doing to this guy's beautiful lips - that would just be wrong, oh so wrong. He gave me a shaky smile while saying, "A hand to hold would be nice, at least until we reach the top."

I slipped my hand into his, assured him it was fine, his sweaty palm wasn't bothering me. I was quietly thinking at least 50% of that sweat was coming from my own clammy hand, this just felt so unreal, locking hands with a cute stranger like this. I had to ask, why was he riding a cable car if he wasn't a big fan of heights? He laughed and said he lost a bet to his friends and they made him do this to prove his manliness. Sounds like a bunch of fun friends, I said drily. He smiled, they are, they're like brothers to me. Hearing the warmth in his voice made me smile back.

The cable car stopped. I reluctantly stepped out. I was instinctively pulling up my right hand to shield my eyes from the sun when I realized it was still latched on to the guy's. I cleared my throat, asking if he was gonna return my hand to me. He flashed me a grin and said, "I'm gonna have to borrow this until after we make our trip back down again." Oh boy, I don't think it was the high altitude that was suddenly making me feel lightheaded. So yeah, that was how I met my man. We didn't do anything "manly" at our wedding, I think having eleven best men was already enough to render our friends and family speechless. 

(- Luhan's wife)


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