Saturday, March 1, 2014

Here I Go~~

So...yea...I was supposed to start this blog exactly two months ago...but some things got in the way (laziness mostly, ehem).

Imagine a fangirl (me), but less cute.
BUT - better late than never right? So here I am, ready to start my positive ranting :D And what better way to start it off than by ranting (maybe spazzing would be more accurate a word) about ma girls - GG!!

Yes, the reigning princesses of K-Pop are back! Boo-ya! (Sorry,excitement cannot be contained). After more than a year since their last Korean comeback, Girls' Generation are back with a new sound and a more mature image.

잠깐만 -

no, I'm not gonna spazz about it here xD Not now. This was meant to be my intro post but somehow it segued right into a spazzing post. Not gonna allow that to happen~ So move along to my next post, then you'll be able to read what this fangirl has to rant about Girls' Generation latest comeback.

Sing it, Taeyeon! :D

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