Monday, March 24, 2014

Exo Birthday Project: Xiumin the Hot Fluffy Baozi (Part V)

You know what I like about Xiumin? Other than his eyes, his ass-shaking, his cheeks and his overall cuteness? His voice. I freaking love this baozi's voice.

 Too bad, we don't get to hear it often since he doesn't get that many parts in their songs (wae SM, wae?). Even if he does get parts, those lines usually don't really showcase his vocal skills. So the point of today's post is to show that Minseokkie the Baozi is really a great singer.

I love this video because it has everything from pre-debut until 2013 Minseokkie singing compilation. His voice is so beautiful ;_; A little more training to stabilize it and he'll be perfect. Seriously, SM, give this boy some proper lines to sing! Anyway, my favorite is when Exo sing their songs a capella - with changed lyrics - on 130813 Kiss the Radio. I just love Xiumin's voice especially during his parts in Growl

There were snippets of this included in the first video above. This one is the longer version where you can see the main vocalists struggling to keep up with their eldest hyung's high notesXD

One of the reasons I love this performance is because it's one of the rare stages where you can actually hear Xiumin's clear singing.

Lastly, here is a compilation of Xiumin's singing parts in their albums. Well, that's it for Xiumin's vocal appreciation post. Let's hope in their next album we get to hear more of my babeh's beautiful voice 


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