Saturday, March 1, 2014

GG: 2014 Comeback!! [MV Rant]

And here they are!!! The girls are back with title song Mr. Mr. Okay, so first of all I'm going to start off by talking about the song itself. And then I'll spazz about the video (yayz!!) before moving on to my next post where I'll rant about the mini album *peace*.

Let's go~ [Heads up: GIF-heavy]

So, about the song...let me get straight to the point, it's not exactly my cup of tea. I don't know, maybe I'm too used to upbeat choruses and catchy dance tracks because this song's chorus falls flat for me. Note that I say chorus, just the chorus - meaning, the rest of the song actually works for me.

I especially love Taeyeon's "Let's go!" (as evident by my tendency to pepper my posts with the phrase) and the bridge right before it drops (as in, drops) into the chorus. I love the sound of the verses, I love the high notes at the end. But the chorus? No, I'm just not feeling it.

But I'm no music producer / composer so I'm not gonna go into details on how to fix the song up with a better chorus, I'mma move on to MV spazzing nowXD

FYI, this was the first time ever in my life I had sat up and waited for an MV to come out. Never have I done this before. Then again, I was browsing through Allkpop when this came out. There was only 20 minutes left on the clock when I saw that article, so I got all hyped up and decided to wait for it.

10:00pm (KST) came and MV...


My F5 button suffered greatly. Then around 9:25pm (my country's time, an hour later than South Korea), IT WAS UP ON YOUTUBE!! *SPAZZ*

OTL turned to this^
My face was all O.O during my initial watch. Partly due to awe, partly due to confusion. Yep, I was pretty confused. Or possibly just getting a seizure from all the fast cuts and blurry shots @_@ - anyways, my first thought was "Okay, did this happen because of the data lost or did SM really intend for the MV to look this messy?'

Still a pretty hot mess though, so... forgivable. 

I have to say I love the color contrast in this MV, the bright pink and red tones suddenly muted by black and white shots, that was beautiful. There was a hint of a storyline in there, what's with the girls giving the guy a heart transplant and all. Yes, it could've been expanded more. But I think putting just a hint of a story there is what makes the MV interesting, viewers are free to weave and spin the story however they want.

Here come the Mean Girls.
Then there's the dance break. I love, love, love seeing the girls in the manlier outfits. (And usually I dislike it when the girls don identical outifts, but I am in love with the black tutus they had on at the end of the MV) But I was greatly disappointed when the dance scene was cut short.

Then again, this isn't a dance version (fingers crossed for that one to come out  soon) so I guess it was more fitting to show close-ups of the girls instead. And the girls, they were gorjess! Every single one of them. The only hair do(n't)'s that I hated in the MV were Sunny's whatever's-nest-that-was-on-her-back and Taeyeon's tight curls ._. Other than that, the girls were looking fine~ They looked mature and elegant, sexy in a classy way.  

I didn't like how some of the shots were incomplete (imo). I mean, the part with all the beautiful dresses and we didn't even get to see all of them in that (data lost?). Then there's Sunny looking all dazzling in her non-nest-looking hair and it was only shown for a split second (though this happened too in The Boys MV, Sica's, Yuri's and Taeyeon's shots).

Oh, wait. That's not a dress on Sooyoung.
Still, I want MOAR!
In the end, even though the MV gave me a headache for looking like a gazillion different MV's spliced into one, I have to give it two thumbs-ups for still managing to come off quite coherent. Sorta. Oh well, still looked good. Now, I'm gonna go watch it again for the gazillionth time. I'll leave you with some of my fave moments from the MV

Yoona looks so cute here.
(But Sunny...oh, Sunny Bunny, that hair...)

Love the beat here paired with
the ever GorjesSica~

Elegant kid leader 

Hyoyeon's werkin' it!

PrettyFany ♥

ManYul is sexxay *_*

Sunniest bunny on earth~

That alluring glance before the shiksin
goes off to find food (presumably).

Sophisticated SeoLady 


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