Sunday, March 16, 2014

Suho...No Baby Pics.

So, the other day I did this... I knew that Suho pic was too good to be true *sighs*. See, I was so excitedly typing and wanted to publish the post fast that I barely had time to properly research the pics (still it took me almost five hours just to finish that one post ._. I am a very easily distracted person). So turns out that baby pic is actually none other than this pretty little lady's:

And I don't think she's pleased that
I mixed up her baby pic with a boy's
 I sincerely apologize for the mix up. Yes, I did try my best to make sure those pics were legit before posting them up (like I almost fell for the Luhan-Chris thing and this Sehun lookalike) but I was convinced it was Suho's since it was being circulated by his fans as such. And gullible as I am, I fell for it because it was just too cute to resist>.< I guess now is the perfect time for me to shoehorn the lesson NEVER trust anything you read online, amma rite? *wink wink*. No? Okay. So how did I find out about my mistake? I was Googling more baby pics for my upcoming posts when I stumbled upon this. When I got to to IU's, boy did my eyes try to escape their sockets. I mean they grew so big D.O. would've been alarmed by them. 

He'd be all "Uh, gull, your eyes,
pop them back in."
So I Googled and Googled some more, my poor sleep-addled brain reeling in confusion (I woke up at the crack of dawn, couldn't sleep anymore, idk y OTL) until finally I was convinced. Yup, I once again have fallen for the cruel, cruel misinformation one can only stumble upon in the wild wild web (that's what www stands for right? I zoned out in computer class). Turns out it was totally faaake. Shown here too. This other site is in a language I do not understand (a mainland Chinese - as in from China - once mistaken me for a Vietnamese, sadly I do not speak a word of Vietnamese or I would've totally rolled with it) so I know it's tots legit.

So yeah, that's it. To make up for my mistake, I will now post two pictures of adorable $uho Suho. This time these better be real. These are totally him, right? I mean, just look at that pitiful cute faceXD

And lastly, hihi, IU y u look so sad in that pic anyway? Here's something to make you smile:


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