Saturday, March 1, 2014

GG: 2014 Comeback!! [Mini Album Rant]

1. Mr Mr
2. Goodbye
3. Europa
4. Wait A Minute
5. Back Hug
6. Soul (aka Find Your Soul)

I've ranted about Mr.Mr. here, so I'mma go ahead and skip that. Let's go straight to Goodbye~ Before that, let me be completely honest here, the songs on this album aren't exactly the types I enjoy listening to (save for Back Hug and bits of Mr. Mr.), so I wouldn't be gushing all over this album much - really, not much.

Okay, Goodbye. No, no, don't leave. I'm talking about the second track on this album. The only reason I love this song is because - Holy Krisus HYOYEON'S VOICE!! Finally girl gets to show off her pipes - and I am proud of you Hyo honey T^T Everyone else's voice sounds really good and clear too in this song. It may not be my favorite but I still like listening to it every now and again. SM, please make more of these types of songs just so we fans can indulge in Hyoyeon's beautiful voice again!! Pretty please with cherry on top:D

I'll talk about Europa and Wait A Minute briefly. Hee, sorry but again, nae style aniya~ 

...I'm actually drawing a blank here since I don't listen much to these songs..I don't know what to say about them. So I'll just skip the rant about them then~ Tralalalala~ (Hey, this isn't a review - it's a rant. So I can opt to either rant about something or not xD)

Skip to Back Hug. Now this song, I LOVE it. Love as in capital L.O.V.E. The sweet melody reminds me of GG back in the days. When they have just debuted. (I actually like listening to noisy music, heavy stuffs. Like the louder and more grating the music is on your ears, the more likely I'll adore it. Unbelievably, the songs that really got me stuck to GG were the sweet, girly ones on their debut album. Yeah, me and girly usually don't go together. So me turning into a S♥ne was pretty much a surprise to me as well as to everyone else around meXD) 

So basically, I love the song since it's like a throwback to their old days. Something that says they may have grown into mature women now, but inside they are still the same dorky, hopeful girls that stepped into the new world less than seven years ago.

Lastly, we have Soul. Somehow I prefer the Chinese version to the Korean one. Which is odd, considering that I usually prefer Korean versions to any other (except Mr. Taxi, where I still think the Japanese version was the better of the two - my thoughts!). Even odder, I listened to the Chinese version after the Korean one. So this is not a case of "being used to Chinese version first therefore thinks that the first version is always better". I don't know just how accurate their pronunciations are though, since I'm a failed (part) Chinese, I can't differentiate the 4 tones in Mandarin myselfXD

Anyways, being a hardcore S♥ne, I've pre-ordered the album before it was released. No regrets. I may not like all the songs, but I do love the prettay pictures inside *_* Besides, the poster is the BOMB! Hyoyeon's finally in the middle

This better be the real poster.


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