Sunday, March 30, 2014

MBLAQ Is So Not BROKEN [Mini Album Rant]

So the album, I love love love all the songs especially Broken, Be A Man, Our Relationship, Twelve Months and Still With You. Okay, that's almost all. They're all number one and Key and Because There Are Two take second place, eheh. 

Friday, March 28, 2014

It's A #WildandSexyJacksonDay

So, this dude's my bias (sort of) but i didn't even know today's his birthday. Fail. Still...Happy 20th Birthday Jackson :D 祝你生日快乐 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Exo Birthday Project: Xiumin the Hot Fluffy Baozi (Part VII)

It's the final part of my Xiumin Birthday Project. Check out Part one, two, three, four, five and six if you haven't. So in this final post the topic will be about Xiumin and his love.

Exo Birthday Project: Xiumin the Hot Fluffy Baozi (Part VI)

생일 축하해 시우민아 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

JJCC=Jackie Jackie Chan Chan's Idols?

J.J.C.C. That's how I used to pronounce their name, one by one, before I realized it's actually pronounced Double J Ssi. 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Exo Birthday Project: Xiumin the Hot Fluffy Baozi (Part V)

You know what I like about Xiumin? Other than his eyes, his ass-shaking, his cheeks and his overall cuteness? His voice. I freaking love this baozi's voice.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

140319 MBC Music Champion BTS (with B.A.P & Topp Dogg)

I am late as always. Why am I only watching this now? I can't believe what I've missed out on. These guys are awesome!! Well, of course I already know that but still... aafgafdgsagdsahdsgdhahdasdsd! 

Exo Birthday Project: Xiumin the Hot Fluffy Baozi (Part IV)

When Exo debuted, everyone and their grandma were fangirling over the boys' hotness. Them boys were praised for their sexxay abs and noona-killing smiles. But, BUTT. Among of all them, one stood out just a bit due to his cute cheeks - the ones on his face. Those cheeks unintentionally got some people all worked up, seeing an idol who dared have a normal weight. They then proceed to dub said idol as FAT. 


My 30 Days of KPOP : Compressed

If you've been into K-Pop for quite some time now, you would know this thing K-Poppers do (mostly on Tumblr) called 30 days of K-Pop. I admit I am intrigued to do it but let’s face it, I’m too lazy (eheh). Also, some of those questions are – to me – like rocket science level hard. For instance, Day 3: Your ultimate K-Pop guy bias. HOW DO I EVEN ANSWER THAT?


Saturday, March 22, 2014

Growling Down The Runway : Exo Style

Whoa, so finally got 'round to watching this. And I must say, though I am a proud danshin, there are times I wish I was born with legs that go on for days. Okay, it might not automatically make me a model but at least it will make reaching for those cereals on the higher shelf much easier. Hmph. Wait, what's the "this" I mention in the first line? Well, it's this:

EXO at 2014 Fashion Week Opening Ceremony

Exo Birthday Project: Xiumin the Hot Fluffy Baozi (Part III)

I've gushed over his pretty eyes, I've gushed over his dancing skills, so as I hinted in my last post today I'll be gushing over his - 

Haha, look at that chipmunk!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Exo Birthday Project: Xiumin the Hot Fluffy Baozi (Part II)

So I sorta mentioned that Xiumin actually dances and sings well but he doesn't (get to) show them off often. To back up my statement here, I will now show proofs that this Baozi is an amazing ass-shaker dancer (I'll get to his vocals another time).

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Exo Birthday Project: Xiumin the Hot Fluffy Baozi (Part I)

Yay, it's Thursday. You know what that means, time to kick off my One Week Birthday Project for my lovely Xiumin! For those of you who don't know who this Xiumin is (but seriously?), take a good look at this picture. Take a good long look because this is the cutie I will be gushing over for the whole week. 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Belated Birthday Project: KaiSoo (Part III)

This is it. The third and final part of my belated birthday project for KaiSoo. To make this event a bit more special, I've invited the boys over to my imaginary studio once again to guest on my special totally-not-ripped-off talk show. I know I said the boys might be tired of interviews by now but hey, this needs to be special right? This is the last post for them! It needs to be celebrated! Oh, they're awake. Let's go say HI.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

EXO Birthday Games

[Note: Was supposed to post the third and final part of my belated birthday project for KaiSoo, but I didn't - and still don't - have time to edit it. I decide to just post it tomorrow and post only this today. Enjoy~]

Since I'm doing a birthday project for them Exo boys, I thought it'd be fun to post these birthday games here. (Obviously I didn't make any of these, laziness is my middle name. So credit to the respective owners). Click Read More to see the games~

Monday, March 17, 2014

Belated Birthday Project: KaiSoo (Part II)

Yesterday was Day 1 of this 3-day project, I did this. Today I'll be gushing all over these kids' - talents. Yes, I know all them haters like to say "Exo's only all looks, their singing sucks", "Dancing? Sucks even worse", thanks for your opinions, haters, sincerely. Now please report to the nearest medical center as you seem to have gone deaf and blind.

KaiSoo offer you their sincerest condolences.

Watcha Doin' Today?~~ [MV Rant]

Hey, 4Minute's back! I'm gonna watch their MV and let you know what I think. Sort of like when people do reaction or review videos, but without the filming. Cameras and I aren't exactly best friends (I refuse to believe I have three chins, cameras add more than 10 pounds I swear). For better effect, watch the MV while reading this post. How exactly do you do that since you obviously have to keep your eyes trained on the MV to know what I'm talking about yet at the same time you have to use those same eyes to read? I don't know, ask the chameleonOkay, the MV. 4Minute - Whatcha Doin' Today? 

Hyuna's face, haha. You don't like what I'm doin' today?

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Belated Birthday Project: KaiSoo (Part I)

So, my Baozi's birthday is only ten days away. Starting from Thursday, I'll be doing this One Week Countdown Project for uri Xiuminnie~ What is it? Well, you'll find out on Thursday, I'm not talking about it now.

Suho...No Baby Pics.

So, the other day I did this... I knew that Suho pic was too good to be true *sighs*. See, I was so excitedly typing and wanted to publish the post fast that I barely had time to properly research the pics (still it took me almost five hours just to finish that one post ._. I am a very easily distracted person). So turns out that baby pic is actually none other than this pretty little lady's:

And I don't think she's pleased that
I mixed up her baby pic with a boy's

Saturday, March 15, 2014

How I Met Your Father: Exo Edition (Part V)

I stared at the piece of paper, wondering which of my kindergartners drew this one. Whatever this one was. Seriously, I couldn't tell whether it was a puppy, a pig or if it was even an animal. I sighed, I loved teaching arts and crafts but sometimes the kids' "arts" gave me a headache.

How I Met Your Father: Exo Edition (Part IV)

I was out walking my dogs one day when I noticed a Missing Dog poster. I stopped short. On it was a picture of one of my own dogs.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Andwaeyo~ How Embarrassing Are Exo's Baby Pics? [EDITED]

How adorable is this? I swear that shoulder shimmy at 0:11 hits me right in the feels. My warm, fuzzy feels. This kid's squishiness is beyond the safe level of squishiness permitted to any person. Click on the video to see what I'm talking about. And if you say you were able to finish watching this without overdosing on that adorableness or at least emitting an "Aw..." even once, you're heartless - heartless.

I Got 2NE1 Big Brothers~ [Inkigayo Rant]

A little late but I finally got 'round to watching 2NE1's comeback stage on 140308 SBS Inkigayo. Now, the only songs I really really like on their new album are Come Back Home and Cl's solo 멘붕. I like the others too but not like the way I like like these two. I know everyone was going crazy over Crush but to me the song didn't stick - at first.

You get what I'm saying?
Oh well~

My Mi, Mi, Mister, Rock This World [Mnet Rant]

[Note: I was supposed to post this last Friday but some things got in the way. Now I don't feel like wasting the words I've typed here so I'mma go ahead and just post this. Ok, I'm just lazy to re-edit, you got me. Also, my words are a little weird here 'cuz I was typing in a haste. Hee, anyways, yeah... Let's Go!]

So like I mentioned before, I wasn't really digging Mr.Mr.,especially the chorus part. Usually if I'm not feeling a song, the feels get better after watching the MV. I don't know, visual stimulation works for me (eheh). With GG's comeback song, still wasn't liking it much. Chorus still bothered the shizz out of me. 

BUT - 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Imagine: Celebrating Your Birthday With Exo-M

Imagine you're a girl - just a normal girl - with six crazy best friends. And they're all dudes. Your birthday would definitely be something memorable as the guys try their best to get you the best present ever (and of course they'll try to outdo each other's gift). So today, imagine it's your birthday, imagine you're a girl celebrating her birthday with her six best friends - and imagine those best friends are Exo-M.

[Note: Yehet, check out Exo-K version here. Like I said, I tried fitting all 12 into one post but it was just too much. Now enjoy this like a piece of your best birthday cake ever - quickly, before Tao realizes you have cake.]

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

How I Met Your Father: Exo Edition (Part III)

"This isn't right..." The quivering voice brought my attention to its speaker. It was a guy huddled in the corner, trying his best to avoid looking out of the glass-walled cable car. I could only see his profile as he had his back toward me. His eyes slid sideways, caught the fantastic view outside (though "fantastic" was probably the last word in his vocabulary right now) and quickly squeezed shut.

How I Met Your Father: Exo Edition (Part II)

"You cheapskate!"

My head swiveled to locate the source of commotion. My eyes landed on a couple - maybe exes now? - as the girl threw what looked like a cup of bubble tea at the guy. He stood there bewildered, just gaping as she walked away. I tried hard to suppress a giggle but it came out anyway. Uh-oh, the guy was staring at me now, his eyebrows slowly merging into a deep V.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Best K-Pop Blondes [Female Edition]

I know this joke is super old but I just love it! Let me tell it to you again:
Q: So who's your bias in B.A.P?
A: The blond one. 


Monday, March 10, 2014

How I Met Your Father: Exo Edition (Part I)

I was having a particularly bad day. I spotted a cafe and decided to get myself a cup of coffee to cheer myself up.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Imagine: Celebrating Your Birthday With Exo-K

Imagine you're a girl - just a normal girl - with six crazy best friends. And they're all dudes. Your birthday would definitely be something memorable as the guys try their best to get you the best present ever (and of course they'll try to outdo each other's gift). So today, imagine it's your birthday, imagine you're a girl celebrating her birthday with her six best friends - and imagine those best friends are Exo-K.

[Note: I tried making it all 12 of the Exo boys but it's so hard to do._. In the end, had to revert back to six and six - yes, there's an Exo-M version coming up - and finally I managed to write a decent piece. Now enjoy this like a slice of your best birthday cake ever~]

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Kris Is Lost In the Galaxy [An Exclusive Exo-M Interview]

Since I did an entirely fake interview with Exo-K, it is only fitting that I do one with their Chinese counterpart, Exo-M, as well. No, I did not chase them down in their hotel. The interview this time is more relaxed, conducted in a peaceful environment.

*insert talk show theme song*
*theme song fades*

Friday, March 7, 2014

First Fansign Ever: The Tale of The Day I Met One Of My Future Husbands :D

The first ever K-Pop event I have been to was SS501 Fansign at One World Hotel, PJ. This was back in 2009, September 3rd - a Thursday to be exact. As this was my first time meeting a K-Pop group in person, my feels were understandably all over the place. 

Not to mention, I was freaking in love with Kyujong. So meeting him that day was almost like meeting a long time crush for a first date xD He's my Man!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Is V Possibly Related to D.O.? [An Exclusive Exo-K Interview]

So, yesterday I did this fake interview thing and I had so much fun doing it that I've decided to do another one. YAY!

This time around I have invited the members of Exo-K to enter my imaginary studio and gushed over their hotness. I think it went well.

Let's take a look~

Exo Love-lines: The Way This KPOP Fangirl Sees It

This is for all you EXOtics out there (seriously tho SM, come up with a proper FC name already), since today is Thursday I think it is only fitting that today's post be about E.X.O.

(Yes, as you can tell I'm suffering from post-Exo Showtime syndrome... It just refuses to go away.) 

12 episodes was too short, SM, too short.
Today I'll be posting two - nay, three! Okay, just two - posts about Exo. In this one, I will be examining the delicate threads that are Exo's love lines. In the second one, well, stay tuned to find out.

Okay, so this is how I see Exo's love-lines:

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I Got It From My Omma (Says V of BTS)

I cannot get over the adorableness of these two beautiful creatures, so I decide to make this post dedicated to outlining the traits that Baekhyun omma has passed down to only son, Taehyung the ladybug. And yes, it is in a fake interview format, because.

Just because.
(Note: No mention of Daehyun appa here because I couldn't get him to talk, he's busy wolfing down cheesecakes ._.)

(Another Note: Me stands for Me, Baek for Baekhyun-you-cutie-patootie-puppy, V for Taehyung-the-4D-lion.)

*insert talk show theme song*
*theme song fades*

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Running Man Cast: The A-Team

I like to call them the A-Team because, well, they are a bunch of Amazing Aces (so...AA-team?..huh...). The team is comprised of The Baus Grasshopper (also known as Yooruce Willis, Yoomes Bond or Yoohyuk), The Commander Sparta Coach Kookie, Sudden Commander Kang GaeRi and the rose among the thorns, the Fearless Ace MongJi

Running Man Cast: Betrayers' Club

달려~ I'mma start with the Betrayers' Club because I find them the most adorable *teehee*. No, this isn't some exclusive club where all the members are elite and prestigious people. No, in fact, one has to be the complete opposite in order to be dumped unceremoniously into this club. By being one of the weakest and most unreliable was how Impala, Girin and Haroro find themselves the sole members of this cloud-cast club. 

Monday, March 3, 2014

You Better RUN, RUN, RUN, RUN, RUN

Nope, not shoo-ing any devils here. Come on, I'm pretty sure now whenever someone hears the word "Run" they think of RUNNING MAN. Oh, maybe that's just me.

When "Run" is said out loud five times,
these dark angels are rumored to appear.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Saturday, March 1, 2014

GG: 2014 Comeback!! [Mini Album Rant]

1. Mr Mr
2. Goodbye
3. Europa
4. Wait A Minute
5. Back Hug
6. Soul (aka Find Your Soul)

GG: 2014 Comeback!! [MV Rant]

And here they are!!! The girls are back with title song Mr. Mr. Okay, so first of all I'm going to start off by talking about the song itself. And then I'll spazz about the video (yayz!!) before moving on to my next post where I'll rant about the mini album *peace*.

Let's go~ [Heads up: GIF-heavy]

Here I Go~~

So...yea...I was supposed to start this blog exactly two months ago...but some things got in the way (laziness mostly, ehem).

Imagine a fangirl (me), but less cute.