Monday, July 28, 2014

HyunA is "Red"? [MV Rant]

Hey, remember what I did with 4Minute's MV? Yeah, I'm gonna do that again.This time with HyunA's latest MV "Red".

Alright, let's begin~

Ooh, monkey. Monkey BUTT! Girl, that's not what stilletos are for! That poor apple... So many red monkeys around you HyunA, they're so cute>.< Red lipstick, red nails, red heels~

Queen of the red monkey throne.
Ugh, not loving her voice in the first verse. Girl, what you got down throat to make it sound like that? HyunA and red is a good combination. Damn, okay, yeah, if i had a body like yours, I'd be flaunting it in a gold one piece too. Why are your backup dancers wearing animal heads though?XD

Huh, why is everyone asleep but you HyunA? HyunA butt! Oh, for a moment there I thought she was stripping and I was like "really now?" =w=" But then she didn't, good girl. Haha, her poking that guy's hand with her foot and then laughing about it, that's cuteXD

I like the dance at the chorus~ and OH, the lyrics! Haha, so that's why you have a shot of a monkey's butt in the beginning of the MV. "A monkey's butt is red, what" XD

She keeps poking the people lying around her. But ain't nobody wanna play with you, gurl. HyunA with black hair, red lips and wearing all black is gorgeous~

Hm, her voice in the second verse no longer sound that grating. The lyrics though...not a big fan of butt smacking so all those butt slapping shots are a little weird for me^^" Definitely not a big fan of twerking (unless somebody's doing it as a joke lawlz).

Oh wait, back up. Girl need some shampoo, not loving that look with all those glitters in her hair.

Oh wow, I LOVE that Egyptian scene. HyunA in earthy tones look good too. Damn, I'm so used to her with bright red lips but with that muted lip color, she looks even more gorgeous! 

Okay, I don't mind that move at 02:32, maybe 'cuz I'm too mesmerized by her change of makeupXD I gotta say I actually really, really love that shot of HyunA in red lying on a white floor with a bunch of other red clothed (and red haired) people. Haha, love that face at 03:09.

Agh, stop shoving butts in my face. Ooh, look at that cute monkey. The way HyunA pets it though, with that faceXD

Hmm, gotta say I love this song. I've read comments trashing her for the lyrics but...nah, I don't know. Maybe listening to it in Korean has a different vibe? 'Cuz I don't see anything wrong in the English translation.

Oh well, haters gonna hate.

Also, this is the face at 03:09.
Anyway, The MV isn't so horrible. My fave song of HyunA's will always be "Change", best dance of hers too imo. But I like this. I think I spazzed too much on her looks but I like her hair and makeup here - props to your stylists gurl!

...I want my own team of stylists.


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