Sunday, July 13, 2014

f(x): Stopping Hearts At Their "Red Light" [MV Rant]

Aye aye it’s a red light light~

The girls of f(x) are back! I am loving their comeback song. Loved it from the first listen. The MV isn't so bad either. Not sure why people are getting their panties in a bunch over it.

Oh, this.

That is NOT a bible Krystal is burning, you guys. I'm a Catholic but I am not in any way offended by this. Because there is no way anyone in the entertainment industry is dumb enough to go around burning holy books and film it for the rest of the world to see.

Being sued won't be the worst thing they have to face as consequences.

Burn them devillllsssss!!!!

I won't talk about the symbolism or storyline of this MV, these guys here have done all the job (great read!). I just wanna rant/spazz about how gorgeous the girls look.

I know Luna's gaining new fans (admirers?) because of that edgy blue bob. I don't like Krystal as a blonde though, personal preference. I prefer her in dark colors. Victoria, Sulli and Amber looking pretty/cool as always~

Li'l Jung's style here instantly reminded me of these two
 Big Jung's looks (actually three if you count the blond locks)

The girls bring forth a darker concept this time, showing off a much more mature image. They ditched their cutesy look because the maknae voiced out that she wanted a change.

Couldn't have been a better time for a vamped up concept. The girls are definitely getting more attention this time around compared to their usual lackluster comebacks. Hey, I love these girls but they're just never received warmly by the Korean (non-aff(x)tion) fans. 

This time though they get the big treatment like some underdog who just won homecoming. YEAH!

What I love most are the mismatched eye makeup

I gotta thank SME for letting the girls try out this dark concept. Even SNSD never really pushed the dark and gritty. They have Run Devil Run but that was still pretty tame, still the ever so glamorous GG.

Would I like to see GG try something dark?...Nah, let them keep being the elegant, graceful swans that they are now :D Black swans..hmm. Actually, I wouldn't mind. I know GG can pull off dark concepts effortlessly, they are badasses after all.

But I digress. The girls of f(x) are looking great and sounding great. I like how f(x) is never the same like any other girl groups. They do cutesy but still edgy. And now they have dark and sexy without overdoing the sexy. Once again, thank you SME for not turning any of the SME girls into sluts. Their sexy is never overdone, it's always classy and stylish, never trashy.

미안, just getting tired of the so-called "sexy" concept in K-pop nowadays.

Burn them "sexy" deviilllsss!!!


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