Thursday, July 24, 2014

Rest in peace 유채영♥

R.I.P. Yoo Chae Yeong (22 September 1973 - 24 July 2014). The Korean singer was reported to have passed away today of gastric cancer.

I have to admit I never followed her religiously but I had always been fond of her outgoing and funny personality. She never failed to bring laughter whenever she did any of her crazy antics.

I was first introduced to this singer-actress when I stumbled upon one of her music videos on YouTube. The music sounds funny to me now but back then I thought it was da bomb! 

Then I started seeing her more on variety shows. I love how she was never afraid to pull any crazy facial expression she could think of or how she just loved wearing her funny-looking headgear. 

As an actress, I've only watched one of her works (I'm not that big on dramas). She acted the part of that crazy ajumma so perfectly in "Fashion King"XD (I only watch a few episodes though so I have no idea how her character developed in the story).

I may not have been the biggest fan but the sad news of her passing still made me tear up... Every time I hear her name, my mind automatically conjures up a cheerful, laughing unnie. It is sad to know the world will never see that beautiful smile again.

Rest in peace, unnie♥ 
You are gone but you will never be forgotten.

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