Saturday, July 12, 2014

BIGFLO...Why'd You Name Your Bomb Delilah? [MV Rant]

This new group from HO Entertainment has one of the most addictive debut songs ever. I mean, they got me listening to their song "Delilah" on loop for a full week, without switching to any other song.

They got my name in there somewhere :D

I've loved the song from the very first moment I laid eyes on the MV. It helps that the MV itself isn't such a horrendous thing to watch. I especially love the "climbing up that thingy in the galaxy" thing...yeah, that part.


The hook 딜라일라일라 eh 딜라일라일라 is just so catchy. But my fave part of the song is whenever Jungkyun opens his mouth. His voice

Uhm...his face too, hee~

And I can't get Ron's 동에도 번쩍번쩍서에도 번쩍번쩍 out of my head since the first listen. That hair though...

...glad it's not purple anymore

I think HighTop looks like Block B's P.O. and sounds like him too. I love P.O. I find it funny they're the maknaes and yet both have the deepest voices in their groupsXD I love his part in the song too. Well, you know what, I just love every part of the song.

Though this part got me screaming
"NO, you're wasting perfectly good wine there!"

Z-UK, the dancer. I'm not quite familiar with the group yet but based on this video, he's got some moves~ And I love that he chose to dance to my fave song ever from TaeYang

Yu Seong. I love this crazy orchestra conductor (that's how I see it) move from him. He's so pretty with that blond and pink washed hair, I wish he'd kept the color. I initially thought he was the maknae.

Boy, was I wrong.

Yeah...this new group shot me right through the heart. I hope they'll stick around. It's the K-pop industry, you never know.


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